VAPoly, new polyphonic analog-modeling Synthesizer for iOS and macOS

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VAPoly by Ryo Togawa (RT Music Software) is a new 8-voice polyphonic analog-modeling Synthesizer for iOS and macOS (Apple Silicon) 

Ryo Togawa is a Japanese developer who has already released some excellent synthesizers, drum machines, and effects for iOS and macOS. The apps have a rather simple and classic design, but they sound nice and full of character.

This concept continues in his new Synthesizer release. After VAMono, VAPoly is now a polyphonic Synthesizer.



VAPoly is a new 8-voice virtual analog/analog modeling Synthesizer for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and macOS (Apple Silicon). The synth consists of two oscillators with sync and different shaping options, including pulse-width modulation. The signals are routed in a mixer module where you can find a sub-oscillator, noise, and a high-pass filter.

Then, the signal runs into a filter section with a lowpass filter modeled after a cascaded OTA filter circuit with classic controls. There is also an am amplifier (VCA) per voice. To finalize your sounds, you get a multi-effects processor with built-in chorus, delay, flanger, reverb, EQ, and compressor. There

Modulation side, you will find two ADSR envelopes, an LFO, and the ability to modulate the parameters using the sequencer. Yes, there is also a built-in sequencer with 16 bar patterns per clip and, in total 16 clips. The standalone version also comes with an audio recorder that lets you record the output of the synth and export it in linear PCM formats (AIFF, WAV, and CAF) and compressed format (AAC).


The new polyphonic Synthesizer app by RT Music Software supports iCloud Drive, Ableton Link, Bluetooth MIDI, MIDI In/Out as well as AUv3. With the latter, you can use the app as a plugin and use it in multiple instances. And the good news: the developer unlocked the macOS functionality making it available on Apple Silicon macs as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin.

The VAMono Synthesizer for iOS/Mac has been around for some time. This could convince with a fat, authentic analog-style sound. I’m very curious how good the poly version sounds.

VAPoly by Ryo Togawa (RT Music Software) is available now for an introductory price of $9,99 USD (reg. $14,99 USD) until August 31st, 2022. It runs as a standalone application and as an AUv3 plugin on iOS and macOS (Apple Silicon).

More information here: AppStore

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  1. Just bought it. The notes get stuck very easily. It’s certainly not yet stable enough to make full use of it on an iPad

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