Leak: Yamaha MODX+, new synth workstation with AN-X engine?

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According to a leak on Yamahamusicians, Yamaha will announce in September the new MODX+ synth workstation with a possible new AN-X synth engine.

The Montage, MODX, and the small, inspiring reFace synthesizers currently form the Yamaha Synthesizer portfolio. Relatively little for such a big company with such a big synth background.

In June, there was some movement in the Yamaha world with a trademark registration of the name AN-X. There has been speculation about a new virtual analog Synthesizer based on the popular AN1X from the late 90s. The topic has now taken a different direction. A MODX+ has been leaked on Yamaha Musicians, a website dedicated to Yamaha News.

Yamaha MODX+ leak

Leak: Yamaha MODX+

Images of three versions have surfaced on Yamaha Musicians: a MODX+6, 7, and 8. In the versions, as you already know the first MODX. But the + means that it is a further development with new features. Externally little to nothing happens if the photos can be trusted.

The YM editorial team speculates on internal changes. So it will again offer a combination of the AWM2 and FM-X synth engine with a large touch screen, tons of polyphony, etc. Speculations say that the new version will have a doubled memory of the original MODX and a possible increase in polyphony.

And now, the new possible AN-X engine comes into play. Some forums speculate that the new MODX+ will feature the new AN-X engine as a third engine. So virtual analog synthesis à la AN1X. That would certainly be an awesome upgrade if the developers could replicate this 1-to-1. But it has to be reiterated that this is pure speculation/rumors. There is currently no official information from Yamaha.

If there is any truth to this topic, I hope that the Yamaha dev team also upgraded the screen.

Yamaha MODX+ leak an-x

There is also speculation that the big MONTAGE will receive a major firmware update that will include the new AN-X engine. That would also be a most exciting update for the Montage. Hope this becomes a reality.

Possible Availability?

Yamaha Musicians’ website says that the release date is mooted to be within the first two weeks of September of 2022. Price TBA

An indication of a new version could also be the unavailability of the first version. For example, at Thomann, all versions are sold out and are available in several weeks or months. These are possible placeholder for the new MODX+.

I’m curious if Yamaha will release the new MODX+ with the new AN-X engine in September. Stay tuned; I’ll be sure to report about it.

Source: Yamahamusicians



  1. I did not think I would ever say this but; yamaha minikeys are good enough to make the minikey version actually acceptable if the price is right.

      • yeah, I figured that out after the post. in which case, not interested in these rehash products. too bad, reface minikeys are uncharacteristically playable; and a 6 octave reface keyboard would be game changing. nobody makes minikeys as playable as yamaha.

  2. Unless it comes with more knobs and sliders to program a possible AN-X engine, does it even matter? After owning synths that are either knob-per-function or close to it, it is hard to go back to menus. There would be no reason for me to switch from my MODX to a MODX+. I don’t really need another 64 notes of FM, although that would be amazing.

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