Sample Logic Synth AI, a new hybrid synth instrument for Kontakt

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Sample Logic Synth AI (Animated Intelligence) is a new hybrid instrument for Kontakt 6 (full) for modern, evolving cinematic synth sounds. 

Kontakt is a constantly growing platform that gets new content from third-party developers every day. There are small developers like Atom Hub, which I wrote about recently, but there are also big ones.

One of them is Sample Logic, which belongs to the premier league of Kontakt library developers. They recently introduced a new synth instrument called Synth AI. Nope, AI does not stand for Artificial Intelligence in this case but Animated Intelligence.

Sample Logic Synth AI

Sample Logic Synth AI – Animated Intelligence

Synth AI (Animated Intelligence) is a new virtual instrument that offers a modern fusion of cinematic synthesis. It is based on 24GB of multi-sample content from analog, digital, modern, and vintage instruments. The sounds are embedded in a four-layer engine, each with a multi-sample. Each layer has different parameters, including volume, pan, filter, AR envelope, velocity control, and more.

The highlight of the engine is the possibility to animate and morph the four sounds in different directions. This can be done with four advanced sequencers (stutters, glides…), animators, LFOs, and the XY core mixer in the center of the Synth AI interface. Handy, you can drag & drop the MIDI patterns from the sequencer to your favorite DAW.

Hot-Swappable Effects

Then, you get a multi-effects processor per layer with hot-swappable effects. You can load up to 6 effects per layer and choose from a wide range of effects: compressor, saturation, EQ, chorus, tape, delay, flanger, reverb, and more. Furthermore, you have randomizers for the presets, sounds, and parameters for instant and infinite inspiration.

Synth AI ships with 1074 ready-to-use instruments and presets. A lot of content for direct fun. If that’s not enough for you, you can alternatively use the engine and craft your own sounds from scratch.

Expect the extraordinary, with a preternatural palette of organic living sounds, rooted in circuitry. This visionary approach, combined with a cutting edge multi-core performance engine, delivers a massive 24 GB virtual instrument for Kontakt. This is truly the rise of the robots!

An impressive virtual synth instrument for Kontakt (full version). The library is definitely worth checking out if you’re a Kontakt 6 user and looking for fresh cinematic synth sounds. this library could be

Sample Logic Synth AI is available now for an introductory price of $149.99 USD until September 7th, 2022 (regular $249.99 USD). A bundle with Synth AI, World AI, and Symphonic AI is available for $449,99 USD (reg. $1149,97 USD). The libraries require the full version of Kontakt 6.0 or higher.

More information here: Sample Logic 

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