Roland TR-8S v2.5/TR-6S v1.5 firmware updates brings new drums, FX, and more

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Roland has released major firmware updates for its TR-8S (v2.5) and TR-6S (v1.5) drum machines adding new FM drums, probability, random kits, and more.

With the TR-8S and TR-6S, Roland currently has two powerful digital drum machines on the market that melts the past and present together. On the one hand, they digitally reproduce the legendary analog drum machine sounds (TR-808, TR-909…) using its ACB technology, and on the other, they offer sample support.

Since firmware update 2.0, you can also explore drum fM synthesis, which has once again significantly expanded the sound spectrum of the machines. Now the story of the current TR Drum Machines continues with the new updates TR-8S 2.5 and TR-6S 1.5 firmware updates.

Roland TR-8S v2.5 TR6S v1.5

Roland TR-8S v2.5/TR-6S v1.5

The best news up front: the new features are available for both devices, and the updates are free of charge.

FM Drum Kits & Effects

In August 2020, Roland released update 2.0 for the TR-8S. A surprising update that introduced drum FM synthesis. The new firmware further improves the FM synthesis at various points.

Roland has added all-new FM-based modules with editable parameters. You get a kick, snare, tom, clap, percussion sound, and cymbal. You can edit them in detail either via the menu system or via the TR editor. Especially on the small TR-6S, the editor is very convenient.

Then, the developers added four new Master FX options to choose from, including a tone fattener, pitch shifter delay, vinyl, simulator, and the Ha-Dou reverb processor. More effects are always welcome, and it’s nice that you now have more options to shape your end result.

Roland TR-8S v2.5

Probability And Random Kits

The sequencers of the Roland TR-8S and TR-6S have also been expanded in the new updates. They now feature probability and master probability functions allowing you to create more organic rhythms. The new probability feature is available not only for the main steps but also for the sub steps, which is a great creative boost for the sequencer engine.

Another creative new feature is the random kit functionality. With a simple hit on a button, the loaded kit or instrument will randomize. So you get constant variations of the sound.

Further, there is a new function to play a step repeatedly during step loop. And Roland says that the TR-editor now supports the new updates out of the box.

Another great update with which Roland has massively upgraded its current TR drum machine series.

Roland TR-8S v2.5/TR-6S v1.5 firmware updates are available now as a free update from the official website.

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