Roland TR-8S Firmware 2.0 Update Brings FM Synthesis, New Effects & More

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Roland gives his TR-8S drum machine, released in 2018, a fresh code cure with a huge firmware 2.0 that adds FM synthesis, new effects & more to the engine.

In the last few months, the Roland MC-707 has come to the fore and the TR-8S has taken a back seat. For many musicians, Roland’s new groovebox is currently the better package for a little more money. With a new huge TR-8S firmware 2.0 update, the Japanese developers put the device back in the focus of producers and musicians. It’s the late gift on the 808 day for all users of it.

The big highlight is a new FM tone generator that brings FM synthesis to the TR-8S and entirely new sounds. Well, it’s not a complete FM synth, of course, but it’s a perfect tone generator for metallic & unique percussive sounds. With the already existing sound generators (808, 909…) as well as the sample support, this makes the TR-8S more flexible but also more versatile in sound.

Roland TR-8S Firmware 2.0

New Effects & Improved Workflow

This free update, yes free, brings also new sound-design oriented effects to the TR-8S. It now comes with a saturator, frequency shifter, ring mod, and spread effects, and the already available delay got a reverb send. A nice addition for creating more ambient oriented sounds.

Roland also provides its users with fresh preset content but attention, you will have to wipe everything to install the update, so don’t forget to backup your kits first.  Otherwise, everything stays the same.  For me, this is a nice update for the TR-8S and a sign to all interested and owners that Roland continues to update the device. We know that from the Japanese differently, yeah, Roland System-1, Aira Eurorack FX,…

In Short

  • An FM tone generator has been added.
    Please refer to the “TR-8S Preset INST Tone List” for detailed information in the [ Owner’s Manuals ].
  • Preset Patterns and Preset Kits have been added.
    * To load the Added Kits and Patterns, a factory reset must be performed after applying the update.
    Follow the procedure in “Updating the Tone Data” and select the factory-reset parameter (“ALL,” or either “KIT” or “PTN”), and carry out a factory reset.
  • A RELOAD function has been added.
  • “SATURATOR,” “FREQ SHIFT,” “RING MOD,” and “SPREAD” have been added to INST FX.
  • “Reverb Send” has been added to DELAY.
  • A shortcut for CTRL has been added to INST FX.

Roland TR-8S firmware 2.0 update is ready for download from the official website, free for existing users. TR-8S is available now for 584€.

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