Noise Engineering Polydactyl Versio and Tymp Legio, new DSP modules

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Noise Engineering has expanded its DSP module range Versio and Legio with two new versatile modules: Polydactyl Versio and Tymp Legio

The Versio modules are based on an exciting platform where you can change the firmware in seconds. So you have a new module in no time: no more reverb but a delay or a versatile oscillator. Noise Engineering recently expanded the concept by packing the technology into a smaller footprint module. The Legio series is based on the same core idea but comes with different unique firmware.

I wrote in the first Legio article that we can look forward to exciting alternative firmware versions. Today is the day for the first. There are new firmwares for Legio as well as for the Versio. Perfect for exploring in the quiet summer time.

Noise Engineering Polydactyl Versio

Noise Engineering Polydactyl Versio

Polydactyl Versio is Noise Engineering’s take on a multiband dynamics processor. According to the developers, it takes inspiration from the Librae Legio’s algorithm and applies it across three bands for maximal dynamic impact.

It includes a built-in EQ with low, mid, and high settings, a multiband saturation, a noise gate, and a limiter. All this makes it a super versatile color and dynamics processor. It suits well with single instruments and also as an end-of-chain global processor for finalizing your tracks.

Noise Engineering Tymp Legio

Noise Engineering Tymp Legio

Tymph Legio is a slimmed-down version of the best-known Basimilis Iteritas Alter (BIA) module in just 6HP. It gives you the same quirky, strange digital percussion sounds (strikes, bongs…). TL’s simple interface puts a massive tonal and textural range under your control. It features three modes, including Boot, Cat, and Boing. Each mode is offset by three octaves but dial them up or down for even more versatility.

You can switch in some tang, infuse Wackitude via the dedicated knob, work with ducking using the Quack inputs, and more.

Very exciting alternative firmwares for the two DSP modules. Especially the small BIA version (Tymp Legio) makes the new Legio platform very tempting.

Noise Engineering Polydactly Versio and Tymp Legio will start shipping on August 25, 2022. Polydactly Versio will cost $355 USD and Tymp Legio $279 USD. Both firmwares will be available as a free download for existing Version/Legio customers.

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