Modular Meets Leeds 2022, don’t miss Divkid’s modular event this weekend

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This weekend (August 13th and 14th), the 2022 edition of the Modular Meets, DivKid’s modular synth meeting, will take place in Leeds.

For most musicians, the fascination with Synthesizer is a hobby that they engage in their free time. Usually in a dedicated synth cave or even in a fully equipped studio where you can work with your synth family. Many have taken their hobby online and spend a lot of time connecting with other synthesizer enthusiasts. That on Facebook, Instagram, or via YouTube videos where they share their setups, jams, etc. Large communities have formed here.

The community idea is very essential, in my opinion. But it is even more important if you can exchange ideas with others in person in real-time and not just in front of a screen. These special moments happen at events like the Superbooth or the Modular Meets Leeds, which is taking place this weekend.


Modular Meets Leeds 2022

Modular Meets Leeds 2022

This weekend Leeds will once again become a place of pilgrimage for modular synthesizer fans. YouTuber and musician DivKid is organizing its well-known modular synth meeting Modular meets Leeds 2022, from August 12th to 13th, 2022. Many exhibitors, exciting DIY workshops, and of course, many live performances by different musicians await you.

It starts on Saturday (13th of August) from 7 pm to 11 pm with a music and handout pre-event with performances from Richard Quirk BlueWolfSe7en & Jason Lim (Instruo). Plus a Generative artificial eco jazz from the Truth Table Trio.

The big event then starts on Sunday (14th of August) from 12 pm to 5 pm with a Community focused Synthesiser hangout with hardware manufacturers, synthesizer DIY, users, and artists.

Try gear from AJH Synth, Between Machines, DPW Design, Frequency Central, Future Sound Systems, Instruo, and Thonk brings lots of DIY goodness. There will also be a pop-up shop from Blicken Synths for all your synth fix needs on the day.

Exciting is that it’s not just a meet-up or exhibition. You can also bring your own gear in the synth user area. Here you can show off your system, chat, and jam with other synth nerds. Of course, there will also be performances on this day, including from Scanner and demos from Instruo & Future Sound Systems with the one and only DivKid.

Modular Meets Leeds 2022 will take place at the Belgrave Music Hall and the Canteen between August 13th and 14th. And all this with free entry. Don’t miss this event if you are interested in synthesizers. If I lived in the Leeds area, I wouldn’t think twice about going there. Such events for the synth community are no-brainer because they are a lot of fun; you get to know the people you know from the screen and learn many new things. And maybe even come home with new GAS.

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