Moog Music Announced iOS App Sale During The Moogfest 2018

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Moogfest will happen this week and Moog Music launched a  sale on their complete range of iOS apps

Moog Music announced today a limited time sale on their complete iOS music apps including the recently released Model D Synthesizer.

Animoog Synthesizer (iPad) ($29.99 USD → $9.99 USD) 

Moog Model D (iPhone/iPad) ($14.99 USD → $9.99 USD) 

Animoog Synthesizer (iPhone) ($5.99 USD → $1.99 USD) 

Model 15 Synthesizer (iPad /iPhone) ($29.99 USD → $14.99 USD)  

Filtatron (iPhone/iPad) ($5.99 USD → $1.99 USD)


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