Yamaha MODX+, multi-engine synth workstation gets a small update

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Yamaha MODX Plus (+), a hardware update for its FM-X/AWM2 powered synth workstation with more voices and memory

At the end of August, I reported about a leak of a revised version of the Yamaha MODX synth workstation. There was speculation about some big changes.

Today the leak turned out to be true. Yamaha has introduced its MODX Plus (+) lineup. However, with fewer innovations than was speculated.

Yamaha MODX Plus

Yamaha MODX Plus (+)

So there they are, the new Yamaha MODX Plus (+). Like the previous version, there are three keyboard sizes available: the MODX8+ with an 88-key graded hammer standard (GHS) keybed, a MODX7+ with 76 semi-weighted keys, and the MODX6+ with 61 semi-weighted keys.

More Voices But No AN-X

The hotly discussed leak talked about a possible introduction of a new virtual-analog engine called AN-X. As a reminder, Yamaha recently trademarked the name. Unfortunately, the new MODX+ series does not have this engine.

The core of all three units has largely remained the same. It has the same engine consisting of the AWM2 sample playback section with up to 16 parts, 8 synths, tons of filters, LFOs, and more. Also onboard is the FM-X engine that goes beyond the classic DX-7 FM synthesis engine by offering 8 operators with 88 algorithms, filtering, and the ability to smart morph in-between sounds.

Engines that we already know from the first MODX.  Instead of the 64 voices, the new versions come with a boost and now offer 128 voices.  It’s a shame because Yamaha missed a great opportunity to make the MODX+ series more attractive to more synthesizer people. Let’s see, maybe we will see a possible firmware update in the future.

More Memory

Then, the memory has got an upgrade as well. The non-volatile flash memory for importing samples has also been increased to 1.75 GB. And Yamaha has rubberized the mod and pitch wheels. Innovation at its best.

Joking aside. What Yamaha is showing us here is classic product care. They leave the product in most points, but change it where there is a need. In this case, they gave the new MODX Plus (+) lineup more voices, more memory, and rubberized mod and pitch wheels.

The MODX series remains a powerful synth workstation in that they are full-fledged synthesizers and instruments in which you can compose songs. The missing AN-X engine is, of course, a pity, but we hope to see it as a firmware update.

The new Yamaha MODX+ will be available soon for 1785€ (MODX6+), 2083€ (MODX7+), and 2380€ for the MODX8+.

More information here: Yamaha Music

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  1. Wow it has vocoder!… And usb printer like connection!… And that screen from a 1987 monitor!… And that joystick, I mean superknob… And the name, an × with a +. I thought the + is about energy saving, now I know, the plus (+) is the vocoder 😀

  2. Obviously, no reason to upgrade from MODX..UNLESS Yamaha targets future firmware upgrades for the MODX+ only…FM-X focus?

    Interested to see if MODX+ has a 2nd SWP70 chip.

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