Reason Summer Sale: save 50% OFF on Reason full, upgrades, R+ and rack extensions

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Reason Studios has launched its end of summer sale with a 50% discount on Reason full version, upgrades, and the R+ annual subscription. 

Music Tech world is always quieter in the summer months. Many companies are on vacation and won’t start again until September. But it’s not very quiet.

Many companies take advantage of this time to make special offers. We’ve already seen some good deals on this one. Today Reason Studios (ex Propellehead Software) also started an End of Summer Sale with a big 50% OFF discount on Reason 12, upgrades, Reason+ subscription and individual “official instruments”.

Reason Summer Sale

Reason 12

The biggest news: you can now save 50% on the entire Reason 12 product range. This includes the full version, R+ but also on upgrades, including Lite versions. Anyone who still has an old Reason version could now upgrade it for a nice price and getting all the new features.

Reason 12, which was launched in September 2021, did not bring any major new features to the DAW, but primarily expanded the Rack Plugin. The area that developers have put a lot of focus on in recent years. They added high resolution graphics which was probably the most requested update. And after a year I can say that the update was definitely necessary.  Classic instruments like Thor or Malstrom got here new crispness and shines a new light.

Then, the developers added the new Mimic creative sampler rack extension for beatmakers and producers. It’s a very classic sampler with neat functionalities like automatic transient detection, sample slicing, creatve stretch modes, granular synthesis, effects, mdoulation, and more.

And the third and last big feature is pumped up Combinator device. One of the tools that made Reason great. With this you can build very complex instruments and effect chains by combining various instruments and effects with each other. And this whole experience has been taken to the next level in Reason 12 with fully customizable user interfaces. You can create your own interace with sliders, knobs, etc. A big step forward for the Combinator and for the patch community.

Many users were not satisfied with the update at the beginning because there were no updates for the DAW and there were very few updates overall. Understandable for the asking “official” price. With the now discounted price I think you can certainly think about the updates. Especially those who still work with Reson 10 or 11.

50% Individual Reason Instruments

Reason Studios also makes other instruments and effects which unfortunately they no longer include in the standard version but only in Reason + subscription. If you are interested in these, you should know that there is now a 50% discount on these individual instruments and effects rack extensions as well.

So you get a 50% discount on the excellent Algoritm FM Synthesizer, Bassline Generator, Pattern Mutator, BV-X multimode Vocoder, Quad Note Generator, Complex-1 modular Synthesizer, and more.


Reason Studios 50% OFF End of Summer sale is available until September 4, 2022. The following deals are only valid during this event

  • Reason 12 (full): 249,50€ (reg. 499€)
  • R+: 99€ (reg. 199€)
  • Reason 12 upgrade: 99€ (reg. 199€)
  • R12 Upgrade from Lite/Intro/Essentials/Limited/Adapted: 199,50€ (399€)

More information here: Reason Studios

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