ELTA music PF-3, new Polivox parallel-stereo multimode filter will be available in September

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ELTA music is working on the PF3, a new parallel-stereo multimode filter box that brings the iconic Polivoks filters to a standalone hardware unit.

Good news from Arseny Tokarev aka ELTA Music. The Music Tech company, known for the SOLAR 50 drone Synth, which is now headquartered in Riga, is about to complete the PF-3 Polivox stereo multimode filter.

Already announced at the end of 2021, the device will now be delivered in September.

ELTA music PF3 photo

Confirmed Features

The PF-3 is a stereo analog filter with four different filter modes onboard: lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch. These are available on both channels, it’s a stereo processor. You can link both filters with a switch so you can control two filters and CV simultaneously with a single knob.

Each filter can be controlled with dedicated frequency, resonance, level, and dry/wet controls. You can set the cutoff control either to soft or hard via a switch. There is also a noise generator with two flavors (pink/white) with dedicated level and balance control. The latter allows you to balance the signal per channel.

ELTA Music PF-3

Besides the manual control, you can also control both filters with CV control. A bit pity that there is no MIDI installed with which you can control it via MIDI CC.


Article From December 30, 2021

ELTA music are the young developers who brought us the Solar 50 in 2020, a drone Synthesizer with 50 oscillators. According to the latest Facebook entry, they are currently working on a new project that sounds exciting as well.

It will not be a new Synthesizer with the big classic Russian analog sound but a stereo analog effect box. Of course with a lot of character.


ELTA music PF3

The ELTA music PF3 will be a parallel-stereo multimode filter box that is based on the filter circuits of the iconic Polivoks synthesizers. They have a very characteristic sound and beloved by many for its aggressive, and screaming-like produced sounds. Perfekt for friends of hard, dirty timbres.

There are currently no official features, but two drawings show the device. In classic black and one in striking yellow. On the pictures you can see that there are two inputs and outputs on the backside. On the front panel, you also get a CV input for each filter.

Then, each filter offers controls for the cutoff frequency, resonance, mode, level, dry/wet as well as CV control.  You can choose between LP, BP, HP and Notch. In the middle, you can link the filters with CV or/and the frequency and set the frequency control to hard or soft. Further, it also has a built-in pink/white noise generator with level and balance control. Nice addition, so you can use the PF3 as a sound effect generator.

It is not the first Polivoks filter box from ELTA music. They published the FILTER-2 in 2017 which was monophonic but had a multi-wave LFO which is missing in the new version. A bit of shame

An exciting product. Unfortunately, there are very few stereo analog filter boxes on the market.  I wonder why, a good analog filter can give any sound character and warmth. I’m definitely looking forward for it and btw: the next SOLAR 50 batch goes out in Jan-Feb 2022.


The ELTA Music PF-3 will be available in September in three colors: black, white, and grey, for 350€. You can pre-order it now at sales@eltamusic.com

More information will follow here: ELTA music

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