Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla, quad VCA for creative audio & CV signal processing

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Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla offers four channels of linear DC-coupled VCA goodness for creative signal processing incl. ducking, mixing, and more.

As the YouTuber Mylar Melodies once said: “you can never have enough VCAs. And that’s right”. VCAs are not only sound amplifiers but also versatile modulators when they are DC coupled. Thus work with CV signals.

Noise Engineering has presented a new Quad VCA module that can process both audio and CV.

Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla

Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla

Quantus Ampla (6HP) is a quad VCA with four DC-coupled channels and a unique set of features. Each channel has two modes. Amplify gives you a normal VCA response while Attenuate makes the VCAs close instead of open in response to positive CV. That’s especially useful for modulations. Another clever addition in the circuit is the circular normalization of the CV inputs. This allows you to create easily ducking effects over multiple voices, volume fades, and transitions, all with minimal patching.

There is also a mix-down functionality built into the output. So you can use them as a 2-2 channel mixer, 3-channel mixer, 4-channel mixer… Thanks to DC-coupled, you can use it also with CV signals what makes it more than just another VCA. Well, I have not expected a normal module from Noise Engineering. They are always unique in many ways.

Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla is available now for $169 USD.

More information here: Noise Engineering

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