Happy Nerding FX Aid 1U, one of the best effects modules gets a horizontal version

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Happy Nerding FX Aid 1U is one of the best effects modules for Eurorack, and soon, it will get a horizontal version in silver and black. 

When Eurorack began, the format was primarily analog. Digital was the exception. However, massive advances in small DSPs over the last 10+ years have led to an exponential increase in digital modules. Among other things, many and a lot of increasingly better effects came onto the market.

If you ask me which is the best, it’s the Happy Nerding FX Aid. On the one hand, the algorithms are of very good quality, and on the other, the developer is constantly expanding them for free—one downer: only one effect at a time. However, the good news is the FX Aid will soon also be available in 1U format.

Happy Nerding FX Aid 1U

Happy Nerding FX Aid 1U

The upcoming FX Aid 1U will have the same feature set, just the format change. Instead of 4HP, the 1U version will have 24HP width in 1U. 

It features the same 32 algorithm slots where you can add your algorithms. Over 100 algorithms are available, ranging from various delays, reverbs, and distortions to 808/909 emulations. As with the 4HP Module, you can select the algorithms with two buttons and LEDs. 

Then, you get three parameters per algorithm and a dry/wet mix control. The latter is controllable with CV as well as an assignable parameter. Alternatively, you can reduce the sample rate that changes the internal clock using the CV input. 

The signal goes in and out of the module via two mono input and output sockets. So you can work in stereo. If you put a mono signal in, the module will double the signal and output it in stereo.

First Impression

The FX Aid is my favorite effects module, closely followed by the Noise Engineering Versio. One thing that makes this module so good is the constant support from the developer. I’m all the more pleased that it’s now getting a 1U version.

Happy Nerding FX AID will soon be available in 1U format size for 199€. 

More information here: Happy Nerding 

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