Dreadbox Eudemonia Review, 3-In-1 Module (Mixer, Filter, VCA)

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The colorful Dreadbox Eudemonia is a dual analog filter, mixer, and VCA in one and reduces the patch paths with its clever design.

After testing at the Hysteria oscillator module, I now move on to the second, the Dreadbox Eudemonia module from the Chromatic series. Eudemonia is a compact 10HP multi-function module with three functions: three-channel mixer, a dual analog filter, and VCA.

Visually. the module stands out: it is neither black or silver like most modules, but strikingly blue. A nice and helpful addition are the LED indicators for all controls that illustrate the current CV sum.

Dreadbox Eudemonia

3-In-1 Module

The module is divided into three parts, starting with a straightforward 3-channel mixer with three knobs with which you can mix the signal together. The signal then passes into a dual analog filter, which is a 24dB resonant lowpass filter but also an 18 dB non-resonant high-pass filter. In the test, I observed that the filter can sound soft but also nasty/dirty at the same time. This is because it likes to overdrive sometimes so you have to be careful with how much resonance and gain you work.

If you put both filters in the middle, there is also a bandpass filter. Of course, the individual filter cutoffs can also be modulated, like with an envelope or LFO. Check my sound demos where I even go deeper with the modulations and draw own filter sequencers for both the low- and high-pass. In the final section, you have a built-in VCA.

Optimized Layout

One of the things that makes this module really good is the layout. Here you have three essential functions that you always need in a modular Synthesizer: mixer, filter, and VCA in a compact format. So it helps you to reduce a lot of clutter in a patch by avoiding unnecessary connections from one side to another side of the case for relatively simple functions.


Overall, the Dreadbox Eudemonia is a nice, harmonious module. Not only does it stand out because of its very colorful interface, but also because of the clever design. The three functions (mixer, filter, VCA) play an important role here. All three are essential features that everyone needs in a Eurorack system and because you have everything in one module, you have more space for other modules plus you also prevent cable salad. You avoid unnecessary long connections for relatively simple functions.

The built-in dual analog filter can convince with sufficient flexibility. If you don’t like the dirty character, be careful of the level, because the module tends to overdrive quickly. This is not bad, but you have to know it. All in all, a nice-sounding dual analog filter that offers a lot of functions for a small budget. For 89 € you can not go wrong here


  • sound quality
  • versatile (soft & dirty)
  • design
  • clever layout
  • price (89€)


  • quickly overdrive


  • only resonance on the lowpass filter

Dreadbox Eudemonia is available now for 89€ worldwide.

More information here: Dreadbox

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