Toolbox, making a new modular synth for Tool’s Danny Carey

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Tool’s Danny Carey’s tour modular system Toolbox got a major update, and synth expert Peter Grenader documented the work in a video. 

What many people don’t know is that Danny Carey, the drummer of the American prog band Tool, is also a big of synthesizers. At concerts, in addition to his big drum set, he has various synths on stage, including a modular synth. This Toolbox is mainly used for the improv session for the Chocolate Chip Trip.

Danny Carey’s Toolbox recently got a major update. Synth expert Peter Grenader was commissioned to create a new version of it with a new road case, modules, and more.


Danny Carey has been taking a modular synthesizer on stage for ten years. He is not a newcomer in the packing synthesis. The impressive semi-modular synth Fenix IV by the Dutch company This Is Not Rocket Science was only added to the setup last year. It came in a road case, so he can easily take it with you on tour.

Then, this year, his standard modular system called Toolbox got an update. Peter Grenader shared this work in a great video. The new Toolbox consists of the following modules:

  • 1010 music Bitbox Micro
  • 2HP Grain, Pluck, Rnd, EG, ADSR, Seq, Delay, Verb, LFO, and 3x Play
  • Doepfer A-148 Sample & Hold, A-180 Passive Mult
  • Intellijel Mini Fold
  • Dave Jones Design O´Tool 2
  • Make Noise Echophon
  • Malekko Varigate 8, Unity Mixer (x2)
  • Plan B/EAR: Model 15 VCO, Model 10 EG (x3), Model 13 Timbral Gate, Model 25 Multi-Tasking Audio Processor, Model 26 Multi-tasking Control Processor, Model 24 Heisenberg Generator, Model 21C Mini Milton, Model 7 Panner, Model 38 Leveler, Model 41 Steiner EVI FIlter, Model 13 Mini Low Pass Gate, EAR Output (custom), EAR Model 9 MK II Mixer (custom), EAR Leveler (custom
  • Subconscious Communication (Plan B): Model 15 VCO (x2), Model 37 LFO/VCO
  • Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae II

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