Donner B1 sound demos, TB-303 inspired analog Synthesizer

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Sound demos of the Donner B1, an analog Synthesizer + Sequencer that takes inspiration from the iconic Roland TB-303 BassLine.

Last May, the Chinese company Donner surprised us with their first Synthesizer release. The B1 is an analog bass Synthesizer with effects and a sequencer. The first units have now been delivered, and there are also some sound demos. There has been speculation that the B1 is another clone of the iconic Roland TB-303 BassLine.

The single oscillator feature set suggests that. Whether it is a 1-to-1 circuit clone à la Behringer TB-3 or just inspired is not officially communicated. But the sound demos go very much in the acid direction of 303.

Donner B1 Sound Demos

Donner B1 Sound Demos

As a reminder, Donner’s first synth features a single oscillator with two waveforms (sawtooth, square), pitch control, filter with cutoff/resonance/depth controls, and modulation with a simple decay envelope. The B1 also includes a built-in distortion/saturation to add spice and a tape delay effect.

Then, it has a built-in sequencer with 16 steps, 128 factory sequence presets, 128 user programmable presets, and different sequence functionalities. Including tap tempo, pattern, gate length, slide,  play/stop, save, accent with a dedicated amount knob, rec/edit, clear/rest, and ratcheting. Besides the sequencer, B1 comes with 26 silicone keys with colored backlights and an arpeggiator.

Frontpanel, you get an AUX in, headphone, sync in, and sync out. On the backside, it includes a USB-C socket for USB-MIDI, MIDI in/out interface on 2.5mm TRS, a 1/8” audio input for routing external audio, and a 1/4″ TS mono main output

Donner B1 is available now for pre-order for $168.99 USD from the US Warehouse with free shipping on July 26th, 2022. Donner is a partner with Synth Anatomy and offering a 15% OFF discount with the code “AFFILIATE15“. So the synth will cost you $143.65 USD. The synth is also available on for $174,99 USD. Unfortunately, the synth is not yet available in Europe.

More information here: Donner (USA) 

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