Wave Manuel, free waveshaping Synthesizer plugin for macOS & Windows

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Wave Manuel is a free waveshaping Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows that allows you to explore wave shaping in stereo. 

There is fresh food for all fans of free synths. The newcomer developer Pauli Pölkki has published a new free Synthesizer plugin for both macOS and Windows.

It looks like it’s deeper than many other entry-level free synths.

Wave Manuel

Wave Manuel

Wave Manuel is a free waveshaping Synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows. The synth is powered by the iPlug2, a framework that simplifies cross-platform plugins.

The plugin’s core is based on a unique variable shape oscillator that is controllable with three shaping parameters: symmetry, saturation, and shaping. Interesting here, it generates this in waveform manipulations in stereo.

The oscillator can generate classic analog style waveforms (triangle, saw, pulse) but also waves that go beyond classic virtual analog. Modulation side, each oscillator gives you a dedicated envelope and LFO to animate the shape. The envelope comes with classic curve control, including attack, decay, and release parameters, while the LFO can be used in stereo with a 180°C phase offset. So you can go here super wide.

Then, the sound can be shaped further in a filtering and frequency modulation stage. Also again equipped with a dedicated envelope and LFO. Further, you have controls for the pitch, vibrato, and velocity. To refine your sounds, there is also a reverb processor with pre-delay, decay, damping, color, and amount knobs.

Looks like an exciting free Synthesizer plugin at first glance. I haven’t played it yet, but I will soon.

Wave Manuel is available now as a free download and runs as a VST and AU on macOS and Windows. If you find Wave Manuel useful or interesting, then please consider donating.

More information here: Official Website

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  1. I’m dizzy from just playing the Wave Manual. An incredible deceptively deep yet amazingly simple plugin. Pauli has created something unique and extremely useful. A true musical instrument.

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