Pico System III Compact Analog Modular Synthesis: Affordable & For Everyone

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Pico System III, a compact full analog modular Synthesizer system with features like patch storing perfect for beginners and experienced musicians. 

Cheap semi-modular/fully modular Synthesizer systems are also in full bloom in 2019. One of the most successful systems is the Behringer Neutron, where you get a lot for just under 300€.  Now Erica Synths enters this area with its new Pico Systems III. With a starting price of over 400€ (Eurorack version), this is slightly more expensive than the “red” synthesizer but offers more creative features.

Pico System III no longer consists of individual Eurorack modules but has a complete panel. This allows Erica Synths to offer the new Pico System for a better price (Pico System II over 1000€).

Pico System III

Full Analog Engine

Erica Synths small powerful newcomer is powered by two analog VCOs with individual outputs and PWM. The built-in VCO CTRL adds exponential & linear FM as well as a VCA offset to the oscillator feature list. Further, it includes three mixers that work both with CV & audio signals and gives you a lot of routing possibilities. PS III has no traditional filters but “west-coast” inspired lowpass gates that have been extended with resonance. This is something special.

Also, a lot of modulation tools are available here: syncable LFOs, random CV and noise sources or also 2x voltage-controlled envelope generators with ASR characteristics (attack sustain release). A bucket brigade delay (BBD) is also on board with which you can manipulate nicely the sound. On top of that, PS III also includes a little handy sequencer.

Pico System III

Patch Memory

In addition to its many patch options (31 inputs/20 outputs), the Pico System III also has patch memory, which is otherwise unknown in modular systems. It’s even a taboo for Eurorack musicians. This is implemented with the help of individual patch cards and is heavily inspired by the Buchla Easel patch management system. These cards allow users to change patches instantly, which makes the system well suited for live performances.

The system comes with 5 “factory presest” voice-cards, and 5 DIY voice-cards that are empty and users can develop their own patches. These cards need some soldering skills to solder the points with which you can save patches. More voice-cards can be bought in the Erica Synths shop. A super exciting concept to bring analog modular synthesis further.

Features At A Glance

  • 2-3-4 step sequencer
  • 2x VCOs
  • VCO controller/VCA module
  • several mixers that work both with CV and audio signals
  • Modulator (syncable LFO, random CV and noise source)
  • 2x voltage-controlled ASR envelope generators
  • 2x resonant lowpass gates
  • BBD delay
  • Desktop unit: 20 patch cables, 1 Hosa stackable cable, PSU, 5 factory preset & 5 DIY voice-cards, user manual and patch note sheets
  • Eurorack module: 1 Hosa stackable cable, ribbon power cable, 5 factory preset & 5 DIY voice-cards, user manual and patch note sheets

Pico System III comes both as a desktop unit and a eurorack module. The desktop version will cost 450€ and Eurorack 400€ + 21% VAT. Shipping starts on 1st of October 2019.

More information here: Erica Synths 

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