Native Instruments KOMPLETE 13 is up to 50% OFF and KOMPLETE 14 is on the horizon

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Native Instruments is offering an up to 50% OFF discount on the current KOMPLETE 13 bundles and the KOMPLETE 14 bundles are on the horizon.

Actually, Black Friday is the big plugin deal time. It seems many developers have expanded this into the summer. Also the Berlin-based company Native Instruments. They are currently offering up to 50% OFF on the current KOMPLETE 13 bundles.

I took a closer look at the deals with a view to a possible Komplete 14 release in October.

Komplete 13 50% OFF


Starting with the Select bundle, which gives an introduction to the KOMPLETE world with classics such as the synthesizers Massive and Monark, the excellent Room reverb, or numerous Kontakt libraries, including The Gentleman Piano, Drumlab, Scarabee Mark I, Retro Machines MK2, and more.

Or you go towards K13 or K13 Ultimate, which gives you more synthesizers, effects, Kontakt libraries, etc. And if you want everything, take the Collector’s Edition with 122 instruments & effects with more than 115.000 sounds.

  • KOMPLETE 13 Select: 50% OFF with 16 instruments and effects, 5 expansions, 11.000+ sounds, and 50 GB library
  • KOMPLETE 13: 33% OFF with 68 instruments and effects, 24 expansions, 36.000+ sounds, and 320 GB library
  • K13 Ultimate: 33% OFF with 118 instruments and effects, 39 expansions, 67.000+ sounds, and 840 GB library
  • K13 Ultimate Collector’s Edition: 37% OFF with 122 instruments and effects, 73 expansions, 115.000 sounds, 1.1 TB library

Komplete 13 50% OFF

KOMPLETE 14, Waiting or Using The Sale Option?

If a company discounts a current bundle that much, there may be a sequel in the pipeline. And that’s quite likely the case here. KOMPLETE 13 was released on October 1st, 2020 with Guitar Rig 6 Pro, new effects, and more. So almost two years. It is known that Native Instruments has a two-year cycle for the K-bundles. So KOMPLETE 14 is expected by the end of the year. Since the sale runs until September 4th, the new version may not arrive until October.

The question that some are probably asking themselves now. Does it make sense to buy now, is there a grace period, or should I wait for the K14 release. The current sale makes sense if you don’t want to wait until autumn to discover new sounds. NI does not offer grace periods, btw.

Considering the regular update prices, the current K13 Standard update from previous versions costs you 199€.  This will probably not change with the K14 update. There is currently a €200 discount on the K13 Standard Bundle. If you calculate the current deal price, you will save 1€ if you update to K14 later.

Deal Check

Here is a little deal check (always assuming the bundles and updates are not more expensive)

  • KOMPLETE 13 Select: 99€ (deal) → 99€ (upgrade) = 198€ (199€ regular price)
  • KOMPLETE 13: 399€ (deal) → 199€ (update) = 598€ (599€ reg. price) save 1€ (Thomann 394€) save 6€
  • K13 Ultimate: 799€ (deal) → 399€ (update) = 1198€ (1199€ reg. price) save 1€ (Thomann 770€) save 30€
  • K13 Ultimate Collector’s Edition: 999€ (deal) → 499€ (update) = 1498€ (1599€ reg. price) save 101€ (Thomann 933€) save 167€

Here you can see that you can only really save if you buy the Collector’s Edition. You can then save €101 on a possible KOMPLETE 14 update. You can save a bit more if you buy the bundle from a retailer like Thomann. Here you don’t get the download but the USB drive version.

So no disadvantage if you now benefit from the deal. It gets more interesting when you take the offer from the annual 50% OFF updates Christmas Sale in 2023 for the K14 bundles.

Native Instruments Komplete 13 is available now with an up to 50% OFF discount until September 5, 2022.

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