1979 CMP, supercharged Mutable Instruments Clouds effects for Buchla

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1979 CMP aka compact microsound processor is a DSP effects module for Buchla based on the Mutable Instruments Clouds Superparasites firmware 

The Mutable Instruments Clouds is a legendary module. There are only a few modules that are so associated with the Eurorack world. Clouds can no longer be bought new from retailers. However, being open source (hardware and firmware), the module lives on in the form of clones from other companies.

1979, a manufacturer of Buchla modules released a Clouds adaptation for the Buchla world.

1979 CMP Compact Microsound Processor

1979 CMP

The Compact Microsound Processor (CMP) is a DSP stereo effects processor for Buchla synths based on an extended core of the “legendary” Mutable Instruments Clouds. It’s not an adapted clone for Buchla but a supercharged version with more features. It features an upgraded digital brain allowing the CMP to support the “Superparasites” firmware which includes eight DSP algorithms.

The “Superparasites” combines code from the original Mutable Instruments Clouds, Matthias Puech’s firmware Parasites, and two additional modes by Julius Kammerl.  Clouds is a very complex module with many hidden features without hands-on control. This is different here. CMP features dedicated controls for previously hidden functions. Then, you get additional CV inputs, four memory banks for saving samples, and a digital CV attenuation schema.

CMP gives you eight DSP modes covering granular synthesis, pitch shifting, glitch-inspired audio looping, spectral processing, delay, and reverb effects. These modes are available:

  • 1 [●○○○]: Granular Processor
  • 2 [○●○○]: Pitch Shifter / Time Stretcher
  • 3 [○○●○]: Looping Delay
  • 4 [○○○●]: Spectral Processor
  • 5 [○●●●]: Spatial Reverb
  • 6 [●○●●]: Resonator
  • 7 [●●○●]: Beat Repeat / Loop Slicer
  • 8 [●●●○]: Spectral Clouds

The module is operated with knobs and sliders. The knobs control the pitch, position, size, and density, while the sliders control the input, shape, pan, feedback, verb, and mix. There is also CV control for each parameter.


At first look, it’s a Clouds for Buchla. It’s definitely not a module evolution. More of a “clone” or adaption with handy additions. Buchla Synthesizer users will be happy to use Clouds in their system without adapter systems. The step can be welcomed. But it’s a pricey one.

1979 CMP is available now for $750 USD.

More information here: 1979 

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