A video tour at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum LA

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The Spitfire Audio LABS team takes you on a video tour of the Vintage Synthesizer Museum LA packed with iconic and obscure synths from the past. 

Los Angeles recently gained a synthesizer attraction. Lance Hill’s impressive Vintage Synthesizer Museum has moved from Oakland to LA and now welcomes visitors in a new location. But it’s not really a museum as you can book in by the hour and record the various synths. So it’s rather a playroom. If I had something like that here in Vienna, I would be there every day, haha.

The Spitfire Audio Labs team, yes the makers of the ingenious free virtual instruments, recently visited Lance Hill’s museum in LA. They made a great video tour where you get an insight into the new location and the available vintage synths.

Here you will find analog classics from the past like the Yamaha CS-70M, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland SH-5, SH-101, ARP 2600, Oberheim OB-Xa, Moog Minimoog, and more. Lance Hill also has very special synthesizers that are less well known as the Steiner Parker Synthesizer. There are also many vintage effects processors to try out.

A lot of gear with which you can spend many hours. A video not to be missed.

More information here: Spitfire Audio LABS  Vintage Synth Museum 

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