SSF Vortices HiFi, the original 14in/7out Vortices mixer module in high fidelity

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Steady State Fate Vortices HiFi is a limited version of the original 14-in/7-out Vortices mixer module in high fidelity with a major quality boost. 

With the Vortices, Steady State Fate has a very versatile multi-channel mixer on the market. One that leads to creative, experimental mixing. Not just simple mixing but one that pushes you to explore feedback patching, crossfading, and more. Vortices are definitely a sound design tool and less a classic utility module.

On social media, you can read that the module color the signal.  Something that many do not like. Many prefer to have a HiFI without the extra bits of colorization. Good news: SSF has now followed this wish from the community and released the Vortices HiFi.

SSF Vortices HiFi

SSF Vortices HiFi

Vortices HiFi is a limited-release version of the original Vortices that gives you a total of 14 inputs and 7 outputs in just 16HP. Or in 18HP with the additional VCA CV expander. The HiFi version gives you all the flexible mixing topology of the Vortices but in high fidelity.

Unlike the original, the Vortices HiFi doesn’t offer tape compression, overdrive, and high-frequency roll-off. Then all inputs are DC coupled allowing you to use it as a full spectrum control voltage mixer in addition to audio.

The module offers 14 inputs and 7 outputs with mono and stereo source support. They are split into two mix bus sections, providing separate mix outputs as well as a master mix split stereo output and a master stereo jack output on the back of the module.

You can also work seamlessly with effects chains, go wild with feedback patching, or end of chain mixing thanks to its separated outputs and auxiliary inputs. They also invite you for advanced sound processing, panning, or even crossfading applications.

There are also auxiliary mono inputs that provide additional unity gain inputs to the mono and stereo mixers for summing external mixes, fx returns, and other general uses. The headroom of all final mix outputs is approximately 20Vpp before additional hard clipping of the summed mixes occur.

The Steady State Fate (SSF) Vortices HiFi is available now for $379 USD.

More information here: Steady State Fate

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