Cherry Audio Announces The Launch Of A New Software Modular Synthesizer At NAMM

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The NAMM show opens its door very soon and many music companies will announce new products. Above all, the show is dominated by hardware news. Less and less, however, it happens that software companies presets new products on the spot.

A New Software Modular Synth At NAMM?

In addition to the many new hardware Synthesizers, there will probably also be a new software synth. Cherry Audio, a new developer released recently a video on YouTube teasing a new modular instrument. I can’t say something  about the product but it seems that the company developed a new modular synth plugin.

It will certainly be interesting what the new manufacturer presents. Since one is spoiled already today with software modular synths (VCV rack, reactor 6 …), it will be difficult here to beat the concurrence. Stay tuned for a presentation from NAMM 2018.

More information here: Cherry Audio

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