Surge XT 1.1 update brings CLAP support, undo-redo, new effects, and more

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Surge XT 1.1 update is out now with new undo-redo functionality, CLAP plugin format support, new effects processors, and engine improvements.

Surge XT is a free, open-source Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows and Linux. It’s one of the most exciting projects of the last few years with many developers working on it. Since the plugin was adopted by the open source community, the plugin has evolved massively with new features, improvements, etc.

Today, the dev team has released update 1.1 for Surge XT with many new features.

Surge XT 1.1

Surge XT 1.1 Update

The new Surge XT 1.1 update introduces several major new features. Surge XT now supports undo and redo for all activities, even for loading patches. You can use the common Ctrl+Z/Y keyboard shortcuts or buttons on the GUI. A very handy new functionality, especially during patch design.

Another major new feature is the support of the new open-source CLAP plugin format introducing non-destructive modulation (both monophonic and polyphonic) and note expression! It was very likely that Surge XT would support Clap since both projects are open-source.

Then, Surge XT 1.1 adds new effects processors and major improvements for the existing processors. You can now benefit from new AirWindows effects, including Cabs, Chrome Oxide, Dub Sub, Dub Center, Fire Amp, Glitch Shifter, Nonlinear Space, Pafnuty, Power Sag, Tape Dust, To Vinyl. The developers also added multiple clipping options for the feedback path in the delay effect. The latter also allows now negative feedback.

Modulation side, the developer, expanded the LFO section with more outputs. All LFOs now have 3 outputs: the signal multiplied by the LFO EG, the raw LFO signal alone, and the LFO EG alone. They also extended and fixed major issues in the mod engine. The step sequencer’s deform slider, for example, now has deform types, which brings Shortcircuit’s LFO Smooth method to Surge

Further, the play modes got a major makeover with new modes, more functionality for the micro-tuning section, as well as improvements for the patch navigations. There are also many smaller improvements and bug fixes. The Surge XT effect plugin has also been improved in many places. The whole list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog.

A nice further update for the Surge XT. The 1.1 brings many innovations that make the plugin even better. I’m happy to see how much heart and soul the developers put into the plugin.

Surge XT 1.1 is available now as a free update. It runs as a 64-bit only VST3, AU, LV2, and CLAP plugin on macOS, Linux and Windows.

More information here: Surge XT 

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  1. no probs whatsoever using the clap versions of surge xt and u-he mfm2 in bitwig 4.3.2 with a native instruments m32 keyboard. i will further test the other clap beta versions by u-he too, namely hive2. im pretty confident that theres no major problem. i havent even a minor prob unti

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