Akai MPC Key 61 leak, new photos and all details of the MPC Synthesizer keyboard

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Leak: new photos shows the official packaging of the new Akai MPC Key 61 standalone MPC Synthesizer keyboard. 

New day new Akai Pro MPC Key 61 leak. That’s how it feels right now. Today you get all the details about the new MPC keyboard Synthesizer including the first pictures of the hardware.

Since the pictures and the features have leaked out, I assume that the device will be presented at the start of the new firmware 2.11 on June 23rd. Especially since the MPC Key 61 uses firmware 2.11 as an operating system.

Akai MPC Keys 61 leak full details

Hardware Specs

  • Quad-Core ARM processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32 GB Memory
  • dedicated SATA bay for SSD Expansion
  • semi-weighted 61-key keybed with aftertouch
  • 16 velocity-sensitive MPC drum pads with note repeat
  • assignable touch strip controller
  • 4 assignable Q Link Controller knobs
  • pitch bend/modulation wheels
  • dedicated transport section
  • vibrant 7″ Color Touch Screen with Multi Touch & Gestures
  • audio Interface with high-quality AD/DA converters
  • accepts class-compliant audio interfaces and MIDI devices
  • sounds button for fast browsing
  • WiFI/Bluetooth for Ableton Link syncronisation
  • 8 CV/Gate Output Jacks for modular integration
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB hub
  • 2 mic/line inputs with high-end preamps
  • 4 discrete line outputs

Akai MPC Key 61 side

Software Specs

  • powered by the firmware 2.11
  • new OPx4 FM Synthesizer, stage piano, stage EP, session strings, and organ.
  • new Fabric XL Synthesizer plugin
  • 100+ state-of-the-art effects
  • 8 plugin instruments and audio tracks,
  • powerful 128 Track MIDI sequencer
  • a world-class 16GB onboard Factory Library

Akai MPC Key 61 full details

According to the new leak, the MPC Key 61 will cost $1899 USD. Not little but what is offered here in a keyboard is pretty amazing.

Article Update (12.06.2022)

The Akai MPC Key 61 is still not officially released. But there are two new leaked photos that now show the official packaging of the upcoming Synthesizer/sampler keyboard.

Akai MPC Key 61 packaging leak

I don’t think I’ve seen so many leaks for a new product in a long time. Akai if you’re reading this, it’s about time to release the product.

Akai MPC Key 61 packaging leak

Article June 3rd, 2022

NAMM starts today and will we finally see the Akai MPC Key 61? There is no information so far about a possible announcement. However, there were clear indications that Akai had already showcased their new product to selected people behind closed doors at Superbooth 22.

What is new, however, is another picture from Instagram of the music producer Scott Storch, who is apparently the beta tester. On the backside, you can see a wide range of connectivity.

Akai MPC Key 61 Leak

Article April 4, 2022

For some time now I’ve been following the development of Akai Pro, whether an MPC keyboard will really be released.  So far there have only been early drawings in firmware updates indicating something is in the works.

Today there is a leak of an image that may show the upcoming Akai MPC Keys. This photo was published in the Akai user group.

Akai MPC Keys 61 Leak
©Akai User Group

Akai MPC Key 61 leak

As a reminder, there are rumors and hints that Akai Pro developers are working on a keyboard with integrated MPC software. A kind of sampler groovebox keyboard. Would be a logical step to squeeze the engine into a keyboard as the MPC software is currently very powerful and stable. It has a mighty sampler with auto-sampling, multiple synthesizers including an ARP Odyssey emulation, mellotron, and more.

In the picture, we see a keyboard with 61 keys, MPC-style pads, a screen, and other control elements. There is also an Akai Pro logo on the lower left side.

Akai MPC Key 61 Leak

In this photo, you can see Scott Storch (IG Story) who is probably a beta tester, showing his child the first steps to playing the keyboard. Full of enthusiasm for his child, Scott has probably leaked a product on Instagram that is not yet official. So far we only knew drawings like the one below.

Akai Pro MPC Key 61

It will be very interesting to see what Akai shows us here. I think it’s the MPC as a keyboard. There are many clues. Maybe on Superbooth 22? Let’s see.

More information will be released here: Akai 



  1. Not too sure about this one. If its just an mpc live with a keyboard, pass. If the keyboard has some functionality to boost the mpc workflow, interesting. This could just be a really large mpc live with a midi controller which isnt the best form factor. You’d have to put the full mpc software 2.0 inside it to turn heads and justify the price that im sure will be close to the mpcX.

    • Think I might agree with you but even if it’s just an MPC live with keys it’s still crazy dope

  2. Akai can you please add a Joystick pitch bender along with the traditional rotary modulation wheels just like Roland did for it’s Fantom O series board Again Please before production release
    Royal Baddest Music RBM Inc

    • Roland didn’t add the joystick, they added the mod wheels. They’ve been putting that joystick on all their boards for like 40 years!!!

  3. If it’s just a keyboard and the same Akai software, that is less thrilling. Regardless, I’m a fan or Akai trying synths again. Their modern analog stuff was wonky but instead of trying harder they released the MPC Live several dozen times. By the way, MPC Live, it’s a real loose definition of “DAWless” tbh. It’s a mobile DAW with built-in MPC controller!

    Imagine the Timbre Wolf with cv/gate inputs for each parameter on each voice. Instantly one of the more interesting 4 voice analog polysynths in existence …. Assuming the oscillators tracked properly and the VCFs sound better than a dying trombone. Akai, this idea is free.

    • For the love of God,let’s completely forget the timbrewolf.

      Akai had the keys to one the most powerful synths ever made-the miniak- and they let it go. Instead of aquiring more chips, increasing the amount of controls, maybe even hiring Brett Victor to improve the design,they let it fade within a year. Gone!

      Forget Akai, they have zero synth kudos whatsoever.

      • They were doing affordable analog at the beginning of the new analog resurgence. They get points for trying! And my problem with Rhythm Wolf and Timbre Wolf wasn’t necessarily the sound, it was the highly unstable VCOs and unusable drive. Timbre VCO was better but not great. The Tom Cat was much more appreciated.

        I’ve said this before, Akai COULD have worked on their analog stuff and perfected it. The Timbre Wolf is actually a bold idea but it needed better CV i/o to realize its true potential. Four voice modular analog synth is a better idea. Like a modern take on the Mono/Poly.

        And Akai once did respected hardware synthesizers in the 80s. People like the AX60 and AX80.They could do it again with a little more R&D next time. Plenty of lessons learned. Ideally.

        Btw, I had a MINIAK! My first hardware synth over a decade ago. Good sounding engine with tons of options and possibly the worst interface in synthesizer history! It gave me PTSD. It made me buy analog just to have physical controls. When I see a MINIAK, I want to light it on fire.

  4. this is real no brainer for Akai, simple re badge of the MPC in a KB controller format. it should have been available by now unless they are still awaiting the chips as all the others are

    • keys yes, but batteries for such a big thing nope. It definitely requires more power than from batteries or you prefer changing them every 20 minutes 😉

      • Current mpc live mk2 has speakers and runs on internal battery. Adding keys does not change the power requirement. It’s more the form factor that makes it senseless as a “portable”.
        If they upgrade the CPU so it can handle more tracks, it would make a lot of sense. Just as a version of the same four year old MPC live but with keys (and no battery/speakers), its useless.

  5. The MPC software is stable?? MPC 2.10 literally sabotaged their own hardware, what the heck are you talking about 😂 i love my MPC one but Akai literally cannot stop fucking up the software:firmware.how about they shelf this unnecessary new hardware cashgrab, and fix what you’ve broken Akai??

  6. Well, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Basically all of my gear runs on batteries with ripcords now. My MPC has a battery inside, and the keyboard will have the exact same software, as the MPC ONe, Live, Live2, and X all have. I can also power and charge off of power bank batteries. So that thinking is outdated.

  7. We all know our opinions regarding this stuff are subjective, but I’d be very interested in buying this. Heck, if my MPC had 61 keys attached to it and the same I/O’s, I wouldn’t have to plug one into it anymore. I don’t mind to carry an 88 key downstairs when I have friends over, I would be more than happy to bring this sucker down. I’m sure it may be disappointing for some, but I’m also sure that I’m not alone in my excitement about it.

  8. 2 things:

    1) how come this got published again? Even comments are from months ago.
    2) Scott Storch cares about 3 things: his kid, his weed and playing banging improv piano melodies and hooks. There is negative zero chance he would stick to whatever secret Akai told him to keep 😹

    • in the article, you can read “update”. I’m updating such an article to add the latest news.
      What you see in the picture is Scott and the new MPC Key 61. The unit was shown to selected people on Superbooth 22 behind closed doors. So it’s coming soon

  9. I wish they’d make these in the 70+ key form factor. 61 is a little too small, 88 too wide.

    • I have to agree that the 76 key boards, that size used to be more popular it seems, is ideal imo. I have the Akai Advance 61 now and it’s really nice, best feeling keys of any midi controller I’ve ever tried under $1000 and probably way above that price.

  10. I read: “ Leak: a new photo shows a father with his child playing on a new Akai keyboard “
    then scrolled down to see the photo of two dudes (with coke cans) sitting by a keyboard,
    was so puzzled and had a hard time understanding out how they could be father and child,
    then I scrolled further down and it all made sense! : )

    I am looking for a MPK3-49 (updated MK249).

    No Faders on this is a deal breaker for me.
    perhaps this is a separate product than a MIDI/DAW controller.

  11. I think it could be interesting, the MPC has decent plugins so if they have it to drive their keyboard and maybe add seamless transitions and a setlist mode it could be a decent secondary keyboard for live, and a replacement for maybe a live 2 as the all in one. It’s a shame it has no faders though and hopefully the keybed isn’t arse.

  12. Does this new MPC have a traditional sampler per se for user sampling or is it just a multi-trk/recorder playback controller device for integrating combinations various types of gear folks

  13. AKAI,

    You were listening, people wanted more than 2 GB of System RAM. The 61 key MPC, it’s going to be a game changer because it allows them to compete directly with Prophet XL, ZENCORE Roland, Yamaha Montage, Korg Kronos, In the workstation market.

    At the same time all of the MPC heads will immediately know how to use this thing. The MPC is now a total DAW. This move will not hurt them in anyway -What so ever-.

    The fact that you have all of the integrated plug-ins from AIR, finally! in a keybed, has been a long time in the making for AKAI.

    Undeniably, their ecosystem is now just as big as any other rivals in the industry. It’s up to them to hire new programmers, fix all the damn bugs. Be able to move the effects plug-ins on the inserts around instead of deleting one and then having to add it in a different position. Too many steps. Little things like that. Better file management.

    Version 2.10 of the operating system is already so super simple to track either midi or digital audio…. Unless you just love the Push 2 controller, you don’t need Ableton anymore. No one else has the hardware and software properties that this company is sitting on right now. It is theirs is to EFFE up and lose at this point.

    However they are going to run into the wall really quick and I’ll tell you why:
    They have to do a major rewrite of the operating system really soon.
    This includes the GUI across-the-board from the Force to the MPC software for computers.
    They’re in trouble, they do not have the manpower to take on that type of rewrite without alienating their fan user base.

    So AKAI please hire two new programmers who are very competent, let’s get these bugs out.

    thank you for reading this.

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