TC Electronic Plethora X3, new compact TonePrint powered multi-effects pedal

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TC Electronic Plethora X3, the Plethora X5 multi-fx pedal in compact with three TonePrint effects slots, 3 MASH footswitches, and more. 

The Plethora X5 is TC Electronic’s flagship TonePrint effects pedal. More precisely, it is a multi-effects pedal with the ability to load individual TonePrint pedals. So almost every TC TP algorithm in a single multi-fx system. I hope that the developers also pack the Infinite Sample Sustainer into the Plethora X5, then it will be very exciting.

I’m an owner of a PX5 for a while. So far the bundle has convinced me a lot because it gives me almost everything from TC in a pedal. The only downside is the size of it, it’s a bit big. I am not alone in this criticism. So TC has now introduced the Plethora X3, a smaller version with a little less power but no fewer algorithms.

TC Electronic Plethora X3

TC Electronic Plethora X3

The Plethora X3 is a new compact version that comes with a similar layout and workflow as the big brother Plethora X5. With the big difference: you get three effects at once, and no longer five. It offers three slots and each slot gives you the possibility to load a TP algorithm.

There are 16 different algorithms available, including the well-known Hall of Fame 2 reverb, Flashback 2 delay, Alter Ego vintage echo, and more.

Onboard TonePrint Effects Pedals

  • Hall of Fame 2 reverb
  • Flashback 2 delay
  • Corona chorus
  • Alter Ego vintage echo
  • Helix phaser
  • Viscous vibe
  • Sub N Up octaver
  • Brainwaves pitch shifter
  • Hypergravity compressor
  • Mimiq doubler
  • Vortex flanger
  • Pipeline tap tremolo
  • Quintessence harmony
  • Sentry noise gate
  • Shaker vibrato
  • Tape Deck looper

The 3-effect combinations can be saved on virtual pedal boards. There is space for up to 127 boards with the ability to switch quickly between them. It can also hold up to 75 TonePrint slots, this allows you to try out various presets and load them directly into the unit.

TC Electronic Plethora X3

No Distortion

But there is a minus point in the algorithm selection. Currently, the Plethora Pedals only offer reverb, delays, and modulation effects. No overdrive or distortion. Something is missing here, hope it will be delivered later via firmware update. But they have speaker cab simulations.

Sounds can only be edited to a limited extent on the hardware. Whether X3 or X5. The TC Electronic TonePrint app is available for this that lets you edit and adjust the individual effects. Plus, you get access to lots of artists’ signature tones. All this is done wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or iPad.


Another highlight of the Plethora X3, especially for guitarists, are the three MASH footswitches. These are unique controllers to which you can map effect parameters. The harder you press the more they react to the sound. A unique way to manipulate parameters in real-time. Plus, you get the tape deck looper from the Plethora X5 with 40 seconds of stereo looping with unlimited overdubs.


Connection side, you get a stereo input (2x mono) and stereo output (2 x mono), a DC input, mini USB port, and MIDI input/output sockets. Not onboard are the effects loop and the expression pedal input from PX5.

Plethora X3 backside

First Impression

At first glance a solid multi-fx pedal. I have the Plethora X5 and the algorithms sound very good. They also harmonize nicely with electronic sounds like synths. With the Plethora X3, you get a smaller, more compact version with the same high-quality algos at a lower price point.

And before you buy 2-3 TC Electronic TonePrint pedals, you should take a look at this one.

TC Electronic PLETHORA X3 is available now for pre-order for 349€ and will be available soon.

More information here: TC Electronic 

Available for pre-order at my partner

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