Feedback releases three new modules with CMS-Lab: T-Comb, J-Conv & Quadatt

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Feedback has teamed up with Christian Mike Sugar of CMS-Lab for three clever, useful utility modules: T-Comb, J-Conv & Quadatt.

There are more than 200 manufacturers of Eurorack modules on the market. This is particularly exciting because small, independent developers but also big players ensure for constant new module releases.

One of the independent and less known developers is Feedback Modules. The developer is best known for its large selection of beautiful, fairly priced DIY modules. I recently bought the 1BIT Multitap Delay, which is a very dirty effects processor. Today the developer has released three new modules in collaboration with CMS-Lab.

Feedback Modules T-Comb J-Conv.

New Feedback Modules

Feedback has created three new utility modules in collaboration with Christian Mike Sugar (CMS Lab).

T-Comb (4HP) is a trigger combiner that allows you to combine up to 4 trigger or gate signals. The result is a wild mangled signal that can be used in different ways. You can, for example, drive with a single one lane step sequencer more destinations by combining with T-COMB some of the individual trig/gate outs. You can also achieve interesting and complex rhythm patterns with it or rectify/combine CV signals.

J-CONV (6HP) is a simple and handy converter that allows you inject external 1/4 inch devices (synths, drum machines…) in your Eurorack setup. The module has two outputs that can also act as a multi. So you can distribute external audio signals to two destinations at the same time. For example, a signal to a VCF and and the other to an envelope follower.

Alternatively, you can route your Eurorack outputs to 4 channels on a mixer or to an audio interface. Plus, you add more channels with more modules. Looks like a super neat module for interfacing with other gear.

QUADATT (6HP) is a 4-channel passive attenuator that is compatible with CV and audio signals. Each channel has a handy knob that can be used to precisely adjust the value.

Feedback Modules T-Comb is available now for 52,36€ (with VAT), J-CONV for 57,12€ (with VAT), and Quadatt for 57,12€ (VAT included).

More information here: Feedback Modules

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