Softube Vocoder plugin with 20 bands, 6-voice carrier poly synth and creative freezing

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Softube bundles in its new Vocoder plugin an easy-to-use engine with 20-bands and a 6-voice polyphonic carrier synth with creative freezing. 

Vocoder sounds are something special. They allow musicians to use their voice in other fascinating ways. The technology goes so far that you can control all this with MIDI and your own voice becomes a Synthesizer. Earlier a wow effect for young and old. Today they are part of the music productions.

The vocoder made a comeback a while back. There are also more and more plugins that recreates these iconic sounds. Softube has today released Vocoder shows their take n the iconic resynthesizer instrument and effect.

Softube Vocoder

Softube Vocoder

Vocoder is Softube’s latest plugin release. According to Softube it combines the popular vocoder sound with a modern workflow and new creative features. The core of the engine divides the signal up into 4 to 20 bands. This is adjustable via the emphasis, spectral split and shape controls and with a visual analyzer you get instant feedback.

Softube’s vocoder also has a carrier section. It includes a 6-voice polyphonic Synthesizer with multiple waveforms: sawtooth, square, pulse waves with PWM or noise. Then, it comes with an attack-hold-decay (AHD) envelope and an onboard keyboard for creating chords. And the synth is also fully MIDI controllable.

The plugin not only generates classic “We are the robots” vocoder sounds but also those that goes in the experimental field. For these, the developers added an interesting freeze function.  It freezes and holds the modulator signal either manually, rhythmically (synced to the DAW) or via MIDI notes. That’s a modern feature for a vocoder that takes the concept in new sonic worlds. Great for rhythmic, MIDI-controlled vocoder effects or bizzare timbres.

An interesting take on a traditional vocoder. Classic and unique in one plugin thanks to features like the freeze function. I also likes the simple but beautiful interface. Nice release Softube.

Softube Vocoder is available now for an introductory price of $79 USD (reg. $99) and will increase to $99 USD after April 8, 2022. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

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