SpaceFields, a looping space ambient machine for iOS AUv3

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Igor Vasiliev’s new app SpaceFields is a loop-based space ambient machine effect for iOS AUv3 made for crafting epic, evolving textures.

Igor Vasiliev (iMusicAlbum) is one of the most brilliant developers on iOS. This is because he is constantly trying out new ideas that are experimental and performance-oriented at the same time. You won’t find bread and butter instruments/effects here. This is all about innovative concept that invite you to experiment with sounds in new ways.

With SpaceFields he shows a brand-new AUv3 app for iOS with which you can dive into the deep world of cosmic sounds.



SpaceField a new AUv3 effect processor made for exploring deep ambient and noise textures. The core is based on a loop recorder with two independent loops where on is on record and the other plays back. The loop recorder has a wide range of features. You can start/stop it manually or with an input signal. It supports fixed length, can overwrite the loop while record and comes with a crossfade function between the end and the beginning of the loop.

Once stopped the record loop, there is an algorithm that creates a smooth transition between them for you. The effect has three dedicated outputs that can playback the recorded loop with different pitches (speeds). Each output has its own effect including a multimode filter and two automation generators. The latter includes LFOs, randomizers, and more.

The mix of these outputs is fed then to the convolution reverb. The reverb has advanced options with which you can create a wide range of long spacey, ambient timbres. There is also a randomization button giving instant new soundscapes and textures without effort. A source of inspiration for new sounds.

The developer has put a lot of focus on making the engine so straightforward to use that you can quickly get the right results. For example, you can use just two parameters to add complex rhythmic structures based on Euclidean rhythms to your effect. SpaceFields also has a special mode with which the application works as an direct effect without the looping process.

AUv3 On iOS/macOS

SpaceFields works on iPhone and iPad standalone, as an Audio Unit or Inter-App Audio module, and supports Audiobus and Ableton Link. It supports external control of parameters through MIDI (with a midi learn option) and in Audio Unit mode has a built-in, detailed description of all parameters. And thanks to the new Apple M1 computers, it also works as an macOS AUv3 plugin.

Another fascinating app by Igor Vasiliev. If you play ambient and cosmic music, you can’t get past this effect processor. It looks like a lot of fun.

SpaceFields by Igor Vasiliev (iMusicAlbum) is available now for $9.99 USD from the Apple AppStore. It runs on iOS as an AUv3 plugin on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and on macOS M1 computers.

More information here: iMusicAlbum   AppStore

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