Korg opsix and wavestate are now available as native Synthesizer plugins

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Korg goes all-digital with new native Synthesizer plugin versions (macOS/Windows) of its innovative hardware digital synths opsix and wavestate. 

Korg opsix and wavestate are two pure digital synthesizers that revive classic concepts paired with many modern twists. Opsix goes back to the FM synthesis of the legendary Yamaha DX-7 and takes it impressively further. Full review here. Wavestate on the other hand is an evolution of the in-house Korg Wavestation. Again filled with many innovative, inspiring additions.

Many are waiting for Korg’s next digital coup. Today it became clear: Korg is going yet another way by offering both digital hardware synthesizers as native synth plugins. No simple editors but full soft synths with the same power as the hardware versions.

Korg opsix wavestate native

Korg opsix and wavestate native

This is certainly a surprise from Korg. Both well-known digital synths are now available for macOS and Windows. And they offer everything you love about these boxes. Both plugins come with very nicely designed GUIs that give a clear look at all features. Something that is much more complicated with the hardware.

Korg opsix native

Like the hardware, the software version of the Korg opsix packs six different synthesis types in a single device: subtractive, semi-modular, virtual analog, waveshaping, additive, and classic FM. All this combined with more waveforms, the possibility to design your own FM operators and a synthesis per operator, gives you endless new sonic options that are not possible with any classic FM Synthesizer.

Korg opsix native

Then, you get all the same analog modeling filters, big modulation engine with three advanced envelopes and three multi-wave LFOs as well as 30 high-quality effects. Including chorus, phaser, versatile delays, and atmospheric, shimmering reverbs.

Also onboard is the polyphonic motion sequencer that is capable to transform your opsix in a FM groovebox. It has 16-steps with support for up to six notes per step and you can edit each note’s velocity, gate time, and playback timing. It allows you to create long phrases or make subtle shifts in timing to create unique struming or drum rolls effects. And it has a built-in motion engine that lets you record changes of up to six parameters.

Very good and important to mention is that you can exchange patches between the hardware opsix and the native opsix Synthesizer plugin using the opsix sound librarian.

Korg wavestate native

Yes, Korg already has a Wavestation plugin, but this is not an emulation of the classic, it’s a massive further development powered by the Wave Sequencing 2.0 engine. It goes beyond the wave sequencing of 1990 by offering you the option to manipulate the timing, the sequence of samples and the melody independently.

Also it offers new features like shapes, gate times, and step sequencer values. Each of these is a “Lane,” and each Lane can have a different number of steps and its own start, end, and loop points. Plus, you can interact with four built-in arpeggiators and even go further by modulating each Lane’s start, end, and loop points for every note. Sound design features that were not available in the original Wavestation.

Korg wavestate native

This includes gigabytes of sample content or it gives you the option of using your own samples. These are joined by the same features of the opsix: a colorful number of analog modeling filters, 30 high-quality effects, and an impressive modulation engine with up to 4000 mod destination with three advanced LFOs, envelopes, smart mod knobs, randomizers, and more.

First Impression

A software version of the modwave has not yet been announced or released. But I’m pretty sure that we will see at a later moment. Korg is taking a very consistent digital move here and I like that. So hardware as well as in-the-box users can use these innovative synth engines.

Korg opsix and wavestate native are available now for an introductory price of $149 USD (reg. $199 USD). They run as a 64-bit only VST3, AU and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows. Existing users of the opsix or wavestate can benefit from a special $49,99 USD crossgrade offer. They can obtain a coupon code via opsix librarian software.

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  1. Good move by Korg. These 2 VSTs should be good standalone in their own right, as well as useful for the original synth owners. Perhaps the chip shortage has forced Korg to raise money by producing their niche synths as plugins? But few are complaining about it anyway, more are moaning about the time it’s taking to get the Wavestate SE into the shops. Being analogue, I bet Korg won’t do Minilogue XD VST though, but a Modwave VST is quite likely as some point.

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