Korg OPSIX Altered FM Synthesizer Sound Demos & Tutorials

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Korg OPSIX, a new FM synthesizer with an innovative feature set but how it sounds, you can find in these carefully selected sound demos and tutorials.

The Korg OPSIX was no longer a big surprise when it became official yesterday. A few days before that there was a massive leak in which all information was unintentionally published. OPSIX is a 6-operator FM Synthesizer that follows the basic concept of the legendary Yamaha DX-7. However, it is not a compact replica, à la Reface DX. The Korg developers have extracted the FM synthesis of the DX-7 for this new synth, greatly expanded, and merged with a new hands-on interface.

Color-coded operator mixer, customizable user algorithms, 23 different operator waveforms, 5 selectable modulation types (FM, RM, Filter, Filter FM, Waveshaper) for each OP, analog-style filters… to name only a few highlights. All this is playable with a built-in 37-keys keyboard or with the sophisticated 16-step poly sequencer.

Korg Opsix sound demos

On the sheet all extremely exciting features that I can also confirm. I was able to test this out a little earlier. The question of the questions, however, is how does the OPSIX sound. So that you can hear all the nuances of the new Korg FM synthesizer, here all the important sound demos, and tutorials from day one.

Korg OPSIX Sound Demos

For everyone who prefers videos where there is no continuous talk, here no talking sound demos from OPSIX.


On the release day, YouTubers also published numerous reviews and sound design tutorials. These often have fewer sound examples and focus more on the features. Consequently, these are very helpful in finding out how a synthesizer menu is structured and how it works.


Last but not least an extra video for my French readers. My colleague Knarf from Les Sondiers also contributed a video to the OPSIX.

Korg OPSIX will be available soon for 799€ worldwide.

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