Midronome, a pocket-sized MIDI master clock & metronome, now on Kickstarter

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Midronome bundles a super accurate MIDI master clock with a customizable metronome in a pocket-sized box, now on Kickstarter for pre-order.

No more sync issues. Musicians who use hardware or hybrid setups love this sentence. There are often clock problems between different devices, whether hardware or software. To solve these, musicians like to use external devices that independently generate a stable midi clock that is then forwarded to other instruments/sequencers…

Very handy, but however not an inexpensive add-on but one that is very important for setups. A young company from Denmark recently presented a small box that does exactly that but for little money. It’s now on Kickstarter for pre-order and it looks very helpful.


We teamed up with several musicians and engineers to create the most reliable, versatile, stable, user-friendly MIDI master clock on the market. Designed by musicians for musicians, the Midronome is a device that will take your music to another level while making it more manageable! In the end, playing music should be about joy and not about the struggle with timing issues, right?


Midronome is a very reliable advanced MIDI master clock in a pocket device. Very reliable means here that its 50.000 times more accurate than a computer-based clock and 1000 times more than synth-based clocks, promise the developers. It can handle anything from 30 to 400 BPM all with precision and stability. You can use it with hardware, software or with hybrid setups.

Thanks to a newly developed VST, AU, and AAX plugin, it works with every major DAW, such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Apple Logic Pro… Loaded as plugin, it allows DAWs to send a tight, reliable, stable MIDI clock to all of your devices, making synchronization between all of your devices an easy task.

With the condition that the plugin is also maintained for a long time, hopefully. Plus, Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio can accept the MIDI clock output from the Midronome where the device is the master.



Midronome is not just a MIDI master clock generator that sets the tempo on all your MIDI devices, it is also an advanced metronome. It ships with 60 different click sounds and 9 volume levels. So it also keeps your band in tempo even if the clock comes from a machine.

The user interface is straightforward: buttons for setup, tap/tempo, play/stop, mute, a big press-rotary encoder and a classic display. The device has a handy automatic settings memory function where it save the current tempo every 10 seconds. So in the case the Midronome loses its power and restarts in the middle of a performance, it will be back where it was as soon as it is re-powered. There is also an LED that shows you where the beat is.

Connection side, it comes with a USB power input, CV socket that sends either DIN clock or two CV/analog clocks, an input for pedals/drum pad/DAW/sync input, two MIDI outputs, and an audio output for the metronome signal. You can also add more MIDI outputs via a MIDI thru box (also MIDI powered). This will add a tiny bit of jitter and latency but nothing noticeable says the developer.

Alternatively, you can connect two or more Midronomes together to get more MIDI ports, CV/analog/DIN clock ports…

Ableton Link?

Unfortunately there is no Ableton Link support. This is a missed opportunity as this protocol is very important nowadays.

A very smart device in my opinion. If it does what it promises, this could become an essential tool for any hybrid setup. Especially interesting for bands that work with electronic machines and acoustic instruments like drums. And it’s affordable as well.

Midronome is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter for a special Kickstarter price of 129€ + shipping. It will be available in September 2022.

More information here: Kickstarter 

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