Kodamo Infini, new hardware synth with bitmasks and VA synthesis coming to SynthFest France 2022

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Kodamo Infini is a new upcoming hardware Synthesizer with bitmasks and VA synthesis plus FM that will premiere at the SynthFest France 2022. 

April 1st will not only be full of jokes. On the same day this year’s SynthFest France 2022 will also start in Nantes. There are many international manufacturers but also many smaller boutique developers from France.

One of them is Kodamo, who surprisingly presented the Essence FM there a few years ago. This year he wiill show the Infini Synthesizer.

Kodamo Infini

Kodamo Infini

Infini will be a new Synthesizer that will features both bitmasks synthesis, a Kodamo exclusive synthesis as well as virtual analog synthesis. Followed by filters and frequency modulation (FM).

So far there are still many questions. What is Bitmasks synthesis? What we know so far it is a synthesis using binary masks. This new technique will also be in the new BitMasker portable Synthesizer that Kodamo previewed a few months ago. Then whether there are analog or digital filters and how many voices the synth has, there are no answers so far. The developers only say “a synth with super rich sound”.

It would certainly be exciting to see an innovative Synthesizer that will introduce new concepts of sound generating. We can be curious what the developer will present this week.

Kodamo Infini will premiere at SynthFest France 2022 that will happen next week at Théâtre ONYX – Saint-Herblain (Nantes) from April 1st until April 3rd, 2022.

More information will follow here: Kodamo 

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  1. Good to see more devs in the synth market.

    However their FM synth interface was impenetrable – and i fear this will be similar.

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