Ableton Live 11.1: Apple Silicon support, new devices, and more

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Ableton Live 11.1 is out now with native Apple Silicon support (M1), new devices (shifter, align delay, shaper MIDI), updated clip view & more

Many musicians switched to the new Apple M1 computers in 2021. Ableton Live, the favorite DAW of many electronic musicians was not yet compatible with M1 at that time. A beta has been around for almost 5 months.

Now the wait is over. Ableton has officially published Live 11.1 with native Apple Silicon support. But that’s not all.

Ableton Live 11.1

Live 11.1

Ableton Live 11.1 is now available for download. No more beta but a full release. And there are some nice improvements. The best: Live now runs native on Apple computers running on the M1 silicon chip including M1, Pro, and Max. A step that many musicians have been waiting for

The 11.1 release also comes with a number of small improvements, including an updated Shifter device. It now sums up the features from the past frequency shifter device and adds new ones. It now includes the ability to make real-time monophonic pitch shifting and ring modulation. Then, it has controls for coarse and fine, a tone filter, window parameter, delay, LFO and an envelope section. Yes, you can also quantize frequency to incoming MIDI notes.

Ableton Live 11.1 devices

Also new is the Align Delay (part of Suite/Max for Live only) which allows you to offset incoming signals by samples, milliseconds, meters or feet to compensate for lag when sending audio, command messages, or other signals out of the digital realm

Shaper MIDI is a new modulation device that uses all kinds of envelopes and that generates modulation data that can bring more expression to MIDI performances. It is only available in the Suite and Max for Live. Further the unique effect processor Spectral Time has got a little update as well. You can now change the order of the effects (freeze – delay or delay – freeze) and use it with zero latency dry output.

Clip View is also better. The clips settings are now displayed in tabs instead of individual panels. And the clip view panel is now available using shortcuts. The comping feature is also improved with new keyboard shortcuts for duplicating lanes, as well as new color options.

Additional News

  • improved Cytomic Filters
  • nativgate devices in browser
  • wavetable HQ on and off
  • and more.

The Ableton team has changed a lot in Live 11.1. A very good update with many good improvements. Full change log here

Ableton Live 11.1 is available now as a free update for existing Live 11 users.

More information here: Ableton

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