Resampler Pro, free M4L adds an autosampler to Ableton Live

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Resampler Pro from LiveProducerOnline is a free M4l device that automatically resamples your internal and external sources in Ableton Live.

Sampling is a technique in sound design and music production that allows you to capture sounds. You can sample many things: the environment, authentic cowbells in the mountains, voices, or even instruments. Vintage synths are particularly often sampled to make them easier to access.

Logic Pro or hardware devices like the new MPCs or Maschinen Plus have an autosampler. This automatically samples a range of notes and turns it into a ready-to-use instrument. A brilliant invention. This doesn’t exist in Ableton Live yet, but a new free Max For Live device provides a solution.

Resampler Pro

Resampler Pro

This new Max For Live device is called Resampler Pro. Live Producer Online, the creator of this tool, promises it’s the fastest way to multi-sample in Ableton Live. 

It follows the same idea as the Logic Pro/Mainstage 3 autosampler. It can automatically multi-sample individual notes with control over note range, steps, note length, velocity (fixed), etc. 

However, there is a big difference: it doesn’t create a new instrument device from the samples for you. This is one of the brilliant features of the Apple Auto Sampler. It directly outputs EXS 24 instruments that are mapped and ready to use. 

The clever automatic sampling part is the same and requires a MIDI-enabled instrument. This works on both external and internal instruments. So you can automatically sample your favorite MIDIfied Synthesizer. The same applies to Ableton Live devices or creative plugin combinations.

A good application is to save resources. If a synth plugin eats up all your resources, the tool allows you to multi-sample it and use that sound more efficiently in a simple or sampler device.

First Impression 

I tested the device briefly, and it does what it promises. In this case, I multi-sampled the Baby Audio BA-1 Synthesizer plugin from C2-C3. For this, you have to create first scenes, then press global launch, and create a new track. The device has buttons for all these steps. It works perfectly, and I can only recommend it.

Resampler Pro

Resampler Pro is available now as a free download. You need to submit your e-mail to get the download link, but it doesn’t require you to subscribe to a newsletter. 

More information here: Live Producer Online

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    • Bei mir lässt sich das PDF File öffnen. Gerade nochmals versucht aus der E-Mail. In dieser Datei ist der Dropbox Download Link

    • Hello Tobi,

      i would really like to try this device!

      i used multiple mail addresses now, but i don’t receive a mail on any of them even in my trash or

      is there an error in te website at the moment



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