Leak #2: is Polyend working on a new groovebox, synth or sequencer…?

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A new Groovebox, Synthesizer or Sequencer from Polyend? A first glimpse was given in September, today a second leak reveals more about it. 

The Superbooth 21 took place in the middle of September last year. An exception. The fair wasn’t finished yet, so a picture appeared on a new Polyend product. I report on this leak in an article linked below. After that it became quiet. Certainly not in the Polyend laboratories where they are working hard on the new product.

Today there was movement in the topic. Polyend apparently posted a story on Instagram where they briefly show the device. But the clip no longer exist. Good, the internet does not forget. Maciek Polak (@analogia.pl) also posted the same story which was captured and uploaded to Imgur.

Polyend groovebox leak

Polyend Deluge-style groovebox?

The photo from September already previewed an instrument with many pads. The new video from today confirms the first impression. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Deluge Groovebox which is also programmable with a huge pad matrix.

You can see a pad matrix that may have 8×32 lines, a display on the left, and a handful of controllers. The story was also picked up in the Electronauts forum where a user called Reloy wrote:

…ok…i spoil as little as possible if i say…it’ll be no next tracker but also no synth… while the form factor will be, somehow, some kind of familiar…

The timbres you hear sound synthetic and also like samples. A mix would fit to a groove box. VA, FM, wavetable, no information on this but we know that the Polyend developers have already built this into other products including the Medusa, Tracker…

Or I’m completely wrong and will be a kind of successor to the SEQ sequencer. In a more compact form and with many creative features.

Article September 20, 2021

Leak: what was Polyend hiding from us on Superbooth 21, a new groovebox?

So far we can only guess what it can be. It will be exciting. All the details will be known by the Superbooth 22 in May at the latest. One thing is certain: it was a planned leak for the community.

More information will follow here: Polyend

Leaks, Rumours…


  1. Hah funny. I recieved my Oxi One today and that polyend thing looks really similar, even the pad colors are remind me of it. But yeah more pads and encoders. Could be some kind of sequencer. But would also be very intresting to see a groovebox, drum mashine with an interface like that, to battle elektron for complex sequencing.

  2. looks like a cheaper Seq, probably MK2 with more sequencing controls in the encoders like the BCR2000/Zaquencer. Korg has been putting theirs with deep discounts so it seems 2022 will be the year of sequencers if the BCR32 finally drops and others also drop new sequencers. Any word on the Drumlogue?

  3. I think, judging by the slim design and the exclusions that you have made, it can only be a MIDI controller. So a hardware sequencer. I think.

  4. On the picture you see 2 cables on the right, this looks like a stereo audio output. And on the left probably 1 usb cable. A sequencer with audio output seems unlikely to me so I think this is a sample/drum machine.

    • Yes that definitely looks like audio out. Ideally it’s a deluge-ish or digitakt style groovebox/sampler thing.

  5. if you look more closely, you see that the pad matrix features 8*20 pads, not 8*32 lines as stated in the article.

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