Teenage Engineering discontinues the OP-1, long live the OP-1 Field

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Teenage Engineering discontinues the original OP-1 Synthesizer/groovebox after 11 years on the market and a display revision.

At Superbooth 22, Teenage Engineering surprises with the OP-1 Field, the next generation of the iconic OP-1 multimedia Synthesizer/groovebox. Among other things, with a completely revised design, Stereo Engines, etc.

At this point, it was assumed that the original OP-1 would remain in the portfolio and would continue to be sold. This has changed now.

Teenage Engineering discontinues OP-1

RIP Teenage Engineering OP-1

As heard from the German distributor, Teenage Engineering discontinues the original OP-1 multimedia Synthesizer/groovebox. According to the information, they can no longer manufacture the OP-1 due to missing components. Apparently, existing pre-orders cannot be kept, which is a pity.

The current OP-1 field is currently not affected by this, but delays in the supply chain can currently lead to longer delivery times. So the OP-1 says goodbye after 11 years on the market. For a Synthesizer this is a very impressive product lifetime. Especially when you consider that Teenage Engineering recently released a major free update introducing USB audio streaming etc.

Now if you still want an original OP-1 you’ll have to find one of the remaining units in the shops or buy it at the used market where they start at 700€+.

More information here: Teenage Engineering 

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    • I get weekly mails from distributors worldwide, and yesterday from the German TE distributor with the message that TE discontinued the original OP-1 (End Of Life). It’s a mail for the press and for shops.

          • but what i’m saying is they literally just added a new firmware on the 9th of September that “added support for latest revision displays”. so it’s not a last batch, they have sourced new screens and put it back into production.

            what do you mean “from the official distribution”? you have a source at teenage engineering that says the op-1 is discontinued?

            because this has happened before. in 2019 german distributors told their customers the OP-1 was discontinued, yet it continued to exist. in addition, in 2018 you published an article with the title “teenage engineering op-1 officially discontinued. RIP!” but it was not true then either. here is that article: https://synthanatomy.com/2018/12/teenage-engineering-op-1-synthesizer-officially-discontinued-rip-1.html (you later updated the title of the article, but you can see in the URL slug the original title “officially discontinued)

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