TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer, a pedal for layered, infinite sounds

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TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer is a pedal that can quickly capture audio moments, stack & layer them and make them endless atmospheric. 

We’re going on a trip into the fascinating world of guitar effects. Eurorack is the drug for many Synthesizer lovers, so are pedals for guitarists. Although pedals can be very exciting timbre-opening. even with synths.

TC Electronic today presented a new pedal that is primarily designed for guitar. You’d have to try synths but think that should work too.

 TC Electronic Infinite Sample sustainer

TC Electronic Infinite

Infinite Sample Sustainer is a kind of live sampler/looper in pedal format. It allows users to both capture and sustain a moment in audio. You can layer, fade out, or make infinite notes or chords. It’s very compact like the other TC pedals and offers little control but these is everything you need. You get controls for decay, level, and fade in, along with an FX type rotary that gives you access to different onboard effects.

If you want to immerse yourself in the endless, atmospheric sounds, the pedal also gives you an onboard reverb that is powered by the TC Hall of Reverb algorithm. This can be toggled ON/OFF by the Dry/Verb toggle switch on the top. Then, it has a latching or momentary mode that can be activated via a switch in the middle.

There is also a built-in FX loop for patching more effects into the sustained part of the signal path.

TC TonePrint

The TC TonePrint technology, which can be found in all of the brand’s current pedals, should not be missing. Pedal settings can be saved in three TonePrint slots and recalled any time. TC Electronic also ships Infinite with the TP editor (phone/tablet app) that let you edit and save your patches. In this, you can easily access all parameters of the pedal.

TC Electronic Infinite

It sounds like a very exciting pedal that you can work with in a very explorative and experimental way. TC product manager Paul Robert Scott says:

I am very excited about our first sustainer pedal ever, which opens creative spaces ready for exploration and experimentation. Imagine the sounds you could create if you had infinite time on your hands. Well, we can’t give you infinite time, unfortunately, but we’re very happy to offer endless amounts of sustained layers right at the tips of your toes.

I am also very pleased to share that the integrated reverb is based on the exact same algorithm found in our highly acclaimed Hall of Fame Reverb pedal. Nothing is too good for soundscapes INFINITE-style,” –

Very temping pedal especially for atmospheres, textures and drones. Hopefully it works just as well with synths. And we may be see a large Infinite pedal with longer audio snippets and algorithms in the future. It would be cool.

TC Electronic Infinite is available now for pre-order for 139€ and ships in 5-7 weeks.

More information here: TC Electronic 

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  1. I’d like to see a demo of this with a synth. Was thinking it’d be a good addition to monosynths. Loopop’s trial of the Gamechanger Plus and EHX Superego showed em up pretty badly on synths, be good to see if this has better chops (!)..

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