Uwyn CableCube, An Elegant Solution To Organize Your Eurorack Cables

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Geert Bevin of Uwyn puts an end to cable clutter with his new CableCube, a 3d printed colorful cube that helps you organize your Euroack cables.

Eurorack modules are at home in specially built cases. But what about cables. It’s different in every studio. With one they hang on a cable stand, with another in the drawer, or are you one of those where the cables are distributed throughout the studio. Cable management is not easy. Once done, it helps a lot when working in the studio.

Geert Bevin of Uwyn, developer of the fantastic Moog iOS apps, and co-developer of the flagship Moog One Synthesizer, has devoted himself to this topic over the past few months. This resulted in CableCube, a neat solution to organize your Euroack cables not only simple but also visually attractive.


Uwyn CableCube

CableCube is a 3D-printed cube in which a matrix of 8×5 “holes” for 3.5mm mono cables (40 in total) is embedded.  The clever thing is: the cables snap into the matrix with a click so they don’t fall out. So they are not simple holes. According to Geert Bevin, they resemble regular sockets with a slight resistance to prevent cables from falling out.

CableCube is available in various colors. From more classic like black or white to very squishy green. There is something for everyone.


Uwyn Cablecube


It can be used on the desktop with the four provided rubber pads, with a wall-mount cradle to attach to a wall, or with a skiff-specific cradle that allows the mounting next to your existing Eurorack modules. In this way, the cables are not loosely next to them but become part of the Eurorack system.

Uwyn Cablecube


Currently, you can choose between a wall or a Moog cradle printed in Polymaker Polymax PLA. However, the cube is not firmly attached to the cradle. You can remove it without any problems without taking apart the cradle from the wall or from the modular skiff. That’s super handy. They currently provide Moog Mother skiff cradles only, hopefully also others in the future. This also fits next to the Neutron etc. because it uses an identical case.

A nice, elegant solution to manage cables in my opinion. One disadvantage: musicians with many cables or a large system probably need more of them to build a CableCube XL. I think the system is perfect for musicians with smaller systems who want to have their cables close at hand when they feel like patching.

Uwyn CableCube is available now for $35 USD. You can order it with an additional wall cradle for $45 USD or Moog cradle for $55 USD. They try to ship as soon as possible but have limited production capabilities and can only print four CableCubes per day. When demand rises, shipment time will increase up to several weeks.

More information here: CableCube 

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