1010music nanobox lemondrop: pocket-sized granular Synthesizer for on the go

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1010music nanobox lemondrop: it’s yellow, has pocket-sized format, and is a hand-on standalone granular Synthesizer for on the go

1010music has been teasing new products for a few days. The developers of the Blackbox and Bluebox Will it be a Redbox or Greenbox? No but one product is indeed fire red. There are even two new products. More precisely synthesizers.

One of them is called Nanobox Lemondrop and it is a granular Synthesizer for on the go.

1010music nanobox lemondrop

1010music nanobox lemondrop

The Blackbox and Bluebox are very compact, cool products. But is it possible to create even smaller instruments? 1010music says yes and shows the Nanobox series and the first release is the Lemondrop. It’s a four-voice polyphonic granular Synthesizer for on the go.

It features two granulators, and a single oscillator. For sound shaping, you get two multimode filters, and an effects section with 6 effects in total. Including flanger, distortion, chorus and phaser in the effects block 1. In the second, you can find a delay and reverb. There is also a modulation section with which you inject movement in your sounds. It has two envelope generators, two multi-wave LFOs, and a modulation sequencer. The latter can be useful for creating rhythmic elements.

1010music nanobox lemondrop

How deep the granular synthesis goes is not known. It will also be seen whether it exceeds the functionality 0f the BlackBox sampler. I think we will find it out later in the day Loopop will probably also tell us in a video.

The whole device is operated via a touchscreen with X/Y control, two rotary controls and four buttons. With these, you can navigate through the menu structure. On the backside, you have a USB-C connection for data & power, MIDI In/Out, clock in, and a micro-SD slot. There is also a line in/out.

1010music lemondrop

So you can easily load sounds onto a micro SD card and granularize them directly in the lemondrop. Alternatively, you can also use the line in. It’s not clear whether the line is in stereo or  mono, but I think stereo makes more sense here.

1010music ships it with 100 presets and some waves on a microSD card.


At first glance a very colorful device that offers something that is rather rare on the market: hardware granular synthesis for little money. Yes, an iPhone/iPad can do that too, but here you have it in a pocket-size standalone hardware. I’m big fan of granular synthesis and I am very curious how deep the engine. It looks fascinating.

1010music nanobox lemondrop is available now for 449€ (MSRP).

More information here: 1010music

Available here for pre-order at our partner

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