1010music nanobox fireball, pocket-sized wavetable Synthesizer for on the go

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1010music nanobox fireball, it’s fire red, fits in your pocket, and is a hands-on 8-voice wavetable Synthesizer for on the go. 

So Nanobox Lemondrop was the first new release from 1010music for the year 2022. An article is out now. The second product is called nanobox fireball, could also be the name of the next Pokémon expansion. Well here it’s not the case, it’s a colorful, compact wavetable Synthesizer.

So granular and wavetable: two syntheses that we already know from the Bitbox modules. It is not known whether both engines originated from the same code or were developed further.

1010music nanobox fireball

1010music nanobox fireball

1010music likes to juggle colors. After black, blue, yellow, red is the next. Not Redbox but it’s again part of the newly introduced nanobox series and bears the name fireball.

Nanobox fireball is compact 8-voice polyphonic wavetable Synthesizer that consists of two wavetables and a single oscillator. It is not known how deeply wavetables can be deformed here. Whether FM or other wave shapers are on board. Lots of question marks. I will add the information when I know more.

Like in the nanobox lemondrop, you get two multimode filters, and a multi-effects section with 6 different algorithms to shape and refine your sounds. Including flanger, distortion, chorus, and phaser in the section 1 and delay and reverb in the second.

1010music nanobox fireball

The modulation engine is also identical to its yellow brother/sister. It offers two envelope generators, two LFOs and a modulation sequencer. The latter is especially interesting to add rhythmic elements to your sounds. According to the developer, it is capable of creating basses, leads but also wide, big pads.

Touch & Knob Operation

The operation is identical to the Lemondrop granular synth: you can operate it via a touchscreen with X/Y, two rotary controls and four buttons with shortcuts. These allows you to navigate through the menu structure. On the backside, you have a USB-C connection for data & power, MIDI In/Out, clock in, and a micro-SD slot.

There is also a line in/out but I’m not sure whether there is a audio to wavetable conversion or whether these serve as a source for backing tracks like a drum machine or groovebox. The microSD stores probably the wavetables, but also your audio? Not sure.

1010music also ships nanobox with 100 presets and some waves on a microSD card


Interesting tiny fire red wavetable Synthesizer. Many questions are still unanswered, especially how deep and extensive the engine is. I’ll expand on the details when I have them.

1010music nanobox fireball is available now (soon) for 449€ (MSRP).

More information here: 1010music 

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