SYNTHMAS Giveaway #10: enter to win 1 of 3 licenses of Phonolyth Velvet Machine (mac/win) Winner mails out!

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Enter the Synth Anatomy SYNTHMAS giveaway #10 to win 1 of 3 licenses of Phonolyth Velvet Machine, a unique take on a reverb plugin for macOS and Windows.

How time flies on the SYNTHMAS advent calendar. The Arturia FX Collection 2 bundle was hidden behind door 9, and behind 10 it is less spectacular but more special.

It’s time again for another effect plugin, more precisely three from an indie developer who released his first plugin for macOS and Windows. Before he was mainly active on the iOS platform.

Synthmas Giveaway #10 Phonolyth

SYNTHMAS Giveaway #10 Phonolyth Velvet Machine

For the tenth SYNTHMAS giveaway, I am collaborating with Yuri Turov from Phonolyth. Some of you are probably familiar with his fantastic Synthesizer apps, Xynthesizr and Shoom. The latter is a fabulous MPE-compatible drone and texture Synthesizer. Today there are no synth in the pot, unfortunately, but the Velvet Machine plugin for macOS and Windows.

Velvet Machine is an audio effect plugin that is based on real-time convolution with enveloped velvet noise. The plugin is a special take on a reverb effect processor. Thus, it can act as a very lush, rich reverb, but can also be something completely different.

For example, you can almost granularized or degrade sounds or route rhythmic noise in your signal. Everything a reverb doesn’t do. A very nice, experimental effects processor with which you can do a lot. And today, three readers can win a license of it.

How Can I Participate 

Every day I open a door after 12AM (CET) for 24 hours, which means you only have 24 hours to participate in the giveaway. Participating is super easy. Simply visit the article on the current door and comment under the article. Please don’t forget to like the Synth Anatomy page on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Big thanks.

And don’t panic, comments have to be activated by me because of a spam pre filter. Please do not send your answer twice or more. And comments on Facebook, Twitter… don’t count!

After the 24 hours, I will draw the participants by a wild random generator. If you don’t like to end up in Google SEO with your name, I also allow you to only use your first name here. The most important thing anyway is a working e-mail with which I can contact the winner or the winners

Phonolyth Velvet Machine runs as a 64-only VST3 and AU on macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows. The SYNTHMAS Giveaway #9 is available until 10th December 2021 11:59PM (CET). 

More information here: Phonolyth 



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