SYNTHMAS Giveaway #9: enter to win a 1 license of Arturia FX Collection 2 bundle (DONE) Winner Mail Out!

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Enter the Synth Anatomy SYNTHMAS giveaway #9 to win a license of Arturia FX Collection 2 bundle packed within total 22 effects plugins.

Happy SYNTHMAS #9. After the two shaky days of giveaway changes, today we return to the normal craziness of the SYNTHMAS advent calendar.

A plugin bundle from Arturia is hidden behind door number 9.

Synthmas Giveaway #9 Arturia

SYNTHMAS Giveaway #9 Arturia FX Collection 2

For SYNTHMAS #9, Arturia has sponsored a license of their FX Collection 2 bundle that is packed with 22 high-quality effects. The bundle includes recreations of iconic analog and digital effect processors as well as new developments. The second version comes with 22 plugins where 7 are brand-new including Bus FORCE, Comp DIODE-609, Phaser BI-TRON, Chorus JUN-6, and more. Plus many plugins received major updates.

For example, you get the JUN-6 which is a software recreation of the iconic Roland Juno chorus unit. Then, the Delay TAPE-201 is an authentic emulation of the famous Roland Space Echo. Two prominent effects from the past as a plugin. Also onboard is a software version of the iconic 1176 compressor, initially designed by Bill Putnam Sr.

In addition to many vintage-inspired effects, the FX Collection 2 also contains plugins that are new developments like the Rev Intensity, which is huge sounding reverb. There is something for everyone. Those who like the vintage timbres or who want new future-looking concepts. And today, you can win one of license of this massive effects bundle.

How Can I Participate 

Every day I open a door after 12AM (CET) for 24 hours, which means you only have 24 hours to participate in the giveaway. Participating is super easy. Simply visit the article on the current door and comment under the article. Please don’t forget to like the Synth Anatomy page on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Big thanks.

And don’t panic, comments have to be activated by me because of a spam pre filter. Please do not send your answer twice or more. And comments on Facebook, Twitter… don’t count!

After the 24 hours, I will draw the participants by a wild random generator. If you don’t like to end up in Google SEO with your name, I also allow you to only use your first name here. The most important thing anyway is a working e-mail with which I can contact the winner or the winners

The Arturia FX Collection 2 bundle plugins run as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The SYNTHMAS Giveaway #8 is available until 9th December 2021 11:59PM (CET).  And in the case you want to benefit from the Arturia Black Friday sale, the 50% OFF deals are available until today 9AM (CET)

More information here: Arturia



  1. Been surprised by the fact that the upgrade become more expensive during the sales than the intro price. Originally thought it didn’t have much for me. Would still be interested in getting it.

  2. I already have several units in the collection (Jun-6 Chorus, Filter Mini, Rev PLATE-140). All are excellent. It would be nice to have the entire collection.

  3. These are awesome. A while ago I benchmarked some against their IK Multimedia brothers. I liked Arturia better but late cheeped out and got some IK plugins during their 25th anniversary sale. Thank You for the chance to score this. Cheers.

  4. Arturia is one of my favourite companies. They make nice hardware synths and of course their pluging are Superb!

  5. Since they gave away JUN-6 I’ve been using that frequently. Wouldn’t mind winning all the rest. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. This is getting better and better. Such a good collection of plugins and this opportunity to win them! Amazing!

  7. You’ll get a chorus of approval for this one, hoping I’m saturated in quality FX as a result. Don’t delay, make that selection and filter it through to me. My whoops of joy will reverberate around town as a result…Er sorry – couldn’t help it :0)

  8. Would love to win that! Love Arturia synths so I’m pretty sure the FX are great too!

  9. I’m a REAPER user, so a bundle of 22 sexy effects would be very welcome. I’m not knocking JS plugins, but you can’t honestly describe them as “sexy”. It’s probably wrong to describe any plugin as sexy, but there you are.

  10. Bislang ging es bei mir auch ohne Arturia. Aber seit ich mit Pigments arbeite, bin ich auf den Geschmack gekommen.

  11. Nächster Versuch etwas zu gewinnen….
    Arturia Zeugs wäre VERY NICE, wie Omri sagen würde.

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