ST Modular Shikensa, a nifty 5-stage CV and trigger sequencer

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ST Modular Shikensa is a new nifty 12HP DIY 5-stage CV and trigger sequencer with four CV outs, 1 trigger and tons of patch flexibility. 

The bitter truth often hurts. In Eurorack a lot, especially when you see the fantastic modules on the DIY market you miss when you can’t solder. I’m at the forefront of this club, hehe.

ST Modular is one of those DIY manufacturers where, as a non-solderer, it is very difficult to get at it. His great, well thought-out modules are only available as DIY. That’s really a pity. Stefan Tretau’s latest module Shikensa is also a big highlight again, but only for solderers

ST Modular Shikensa

ST Modular Shikensa

Shikensa is ST Modular’s unique take on an analog CV and trigger sequencer. Its core uses a 5-step sequencer that can be used for cv and gate signals. This means, you can use them for oscillator pitch but also to animate parameters like filters, effects, and more. There are five sliding potentiometers allowing you to change the CV values per step. On the back, you have an option to maximizes the voltage to +10V. It can have up to 5 steps maximum and with the toggle switch, you can also reduce the number to 4 or 3 steps as well.

Shikensa runs with either an internal or external clock signal. The internal option gives you, for example, to create a swing effect by simply turinng the clock CV attenuator clockwise. A sequence can also be reset or held by CV. The module features four outputs in total where three are for CVs and the last for a trigger signal.

Nifty Outputs

However, the outputs are not very simple. They have many nifty add-ons. For example, you can transpose the OUT output signal by patching the ADD input of the module.

Also, the LVL OUT section which normally carries the same signal as the OUT output but with an attenuator, has a special function. When nothing is connected to the corresponding LVL CV input and the attenuator is turned up, it produces an internal pitch envelope that is available in the LVL OUT. A great function for percussive sounds.

Oh yes, there is also a trigger output that can activated or desactivated per step using the five latching push-buttons. A LED indicated the trigger status.

That looks like a very solid CV and trigger sequencer. I really love the ST Modular design language and would like to add to it to my system. But as long as ST Modular does not offer assembled modules, it will remain a long way off for me. Yes my two left hands, there are not made for DIY projects.

ST Modular SHIKENSA is available soon as a DIY project (Main + Front PCB panels).

More information here: ST Modular 

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  1. Pierpaolo Cimino is a wonderful builder and hobbyist. He has helped me with obtaining ST modules 😉 Love ST! Thank you Pierpaolo!

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