Superbooth 22: Knobula Kickain, 909-style kick drum module with a sidechain infusion

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At Superbooth 22, UK-based Eurorack developer Knobula will premiere Kickain, a 909-style kick drum drum module infused with a sidechain compressor.

Last year the young Eurorack company Knobula from the UK showed the Poly Cinematic module at Superbooth. Here they squeezed a versatile 8-voice poly Synthesizer into a small module. The mini factor had no effect on the sound. It was really fat and solid.

At Superbooth 22 they will show a module that focuses on a special percussive area, the Kick drum sound.

Knobula Kickain

Superbooth 22: Knobula Kickain

Kickain is a new unique kick drum module for Eurorack. The core consists of a 909-inspired virtual analog bass drum circuit engine with a solid set of hands-on features. The developer promise it takes you beyond the capability of classic 909-style drum machines. This is mainly because it’s more than just a simple drum engine. It hosts besides this a 24-bit digital reverb and a stereo spectral compressor with which you can craft the perfect kick drum in just 12HP.

A big plus is Kickain’s one knob per function design. No screen or deep menus, everything is right under your fingers and perfect for instant tweaks during performances.  The interface is divided into two sections: the first is for the kick drum and the other for infusing side-chain compression so it can cut through the mix.

Knobula Kickain

The kick drum engine gives you control over the click, drive, bend, tune, and punch. Plus, you can adjust the shared attack and decay control of the built-in envelope. Right next to this, you find in rose the side-chain section. The module gives you the choice of either using the normal or spectral mode. There are two spectral compression options that dynamically EQ the stereo mix to the exact frequency of the kick. Very clever design indeed.

Knobula promises here kick sounds with the power and clarity of a side chain kick drum set up without the heavy breathing associated with extreme compression. On top, you get an envelope reverb and shell resonator algorithm to shape the kick even further. And it has a 40Hz/60Hz bass cut protection included via a dedicated switch.


Connection side, you get two mono inputs and outputs (l/r) where the right channels also act as FX send and return options. Further, you get a trigger and V/oct input and you can benefit from CV control over the accent and decay envelope.

Hands-On Demo

At first glance an exciting new kick module for Eurorack. I particularly like the fact that the developers is offering here an all-in-one kick drum sound lab for make them fit for your setup.

Knobula Kickain is available now for £267 (UK).

More information here: Knobula 

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