Sinevibes plugins now supports macOS and finally Windows

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Sinevibes’ innovative, great-sounding effect plugins are not only available on macOS but also now on Windows systems as VST3 and AAX plugins.

Effect plugins can add a special touch to any Synthesizer or virtual instrument. They cannot only refine the timbres by adding space or echo to it. They can also spin them into completely new sound spheres. One of my favorite plugin effect developers is Sinevibes. The products have often very innovative ideas on the one hand and on other they sound fantastic. And this for little money.

Even if I am not an active Windows user, sorry, I am pleased to hear the news today that Sinevibes is finally shipping the first plugins with Windows support. A wish of many users for a long time.  Many wishes come true at Christmas, this one now too.

Sinevibes On Windows

Sinevibes Windows Plugins

Sinevibes plugins are now compatible with PC computers running the Microsoft Windows operation system. Every plugin now ships wit package installers with AAX and VST3 builds, and requires a 64-bit PC computer with Windows 8.1 or later. Yes, no 32-bit but that was to be expected. This another good reason to end the 32-bit relationship with your system.

Very positive: the new packages are also available to all existing customers at no extra cost, and can be obtained from the updates page on the Sinevibes website. Plus, the plugins remains super affordable. There is now price jump, they remain unchanged.

Further, every single desktop plugin in the Sinevibes catalog has received a small handy update. It includes new preset tools functionality, improved macOS package installer, and other subtle enhancements. Mac customers who don’t need the new Windows package installers are still encouraged to update the plugins they own at their earliest convenience.

Sinevibes Windows

Windows Support

The first Sinevibes plugins with Windows support are the following

  • Albedo granular reverb
  • Blend v2 multi-voice chorus
  • Corrosion v2 multi-algorithm distortion
  • Dipole v2 through-zero flanger
  • Dispersion v2 bouncing-ball delay
  • Droplet v2 raindrop delay
  • Eternal v2 barber-pole flanger
  • Luminance v2 shimmer reverb
  • Whirl v2 barber-pole phaser
  • Rerun v2 self-randomizing repeater

For a long time I pointed out the lack of Windows support in my articles. That in every single release. That is now a thing of the past, which makes me very happy. And maybe Artemiy Pavlov, head of Sinevibes, will play Santa again next year and bring us AUv3 support for iOS. That would be awesome.

Sinevibes plugins for Mac and Windows are immediately available with pricing ranging from $29 to $39. The new Mac+Windows Collection bundle with all 10 currently available plugins is available for $229 (31% discount).

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