Klevgrand Borsta, a percussion instrument for evolving strokes and brushes (plugin & iOS)

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Klevgrand Borsta is a new percussion virtual instrument for macOS, Windows and iOS with engine optimized for evolving strokes and brushes.

Klevgrand from Sweden has released many special plugins and iOS apps over the last few years. What stands out very positively is the design of these instruments and effects. The GUIs are not eye-catchy but simple, beautiful interfaces that work intuitively and don’t distract them from work.

With many plugins from other companies, one often has the feeling that more time was invested in the interface than in the actual engine and its handling. According to the motto: it has to look nice. Klevgrand is showing a new plugin/iOS app today that is again very easy to use. It is called Borsta, Swedish for brush and is a new percussion virtual instrument.

Klevgrand Borsta

What sets Borsta apart from similar instruments is that its audio engine supports continuous changes in intensity. This makes it possible to create very lifelike brushing phrases and patterns, something that can’t be achieved with traditional sample-based instruments.

Klevgrand Borsta

Borsta is a new percussion virtual instrument that offers a specially optimized engine for natural strokes, brushing phrases and rhythms.

The core of each instrument consists of more than 400 high-quality samples. With options to play it in different velocities and round robins. Borsta emulates a single drum instrument at a time, but comes with 18 different instruments to choose between.

Borsta features a fully-customizable parallel envelope and events sequencers allowing you to dertermine different characteristics of the sound. Including when to start a stroke, how he stroke’s pressure/speed should evolve over time and when to end it

The sequences are played one at a time, however you can switch between sequences seamlessly via MIDI. Then, each instrument also offers a multi-sampled one-shots with advanced choking capabilities and with classic MIDI triggering. According to the developers, the instruments offers easy structures and uniform MIDI mapping making it possible to use the same sequence on any instrument.

Further, the engine a room simulator with 9 different types, a 6-algorithm reverb with adjustable decay time and a three-band equalizer. Borsta ships with 230 pre-made factory sequences and 60 Global presets covering different sounds and genres.


Klevgrand Borsta is available now for macOS and Windows (VST/AU/AAX) for an introductory price of $35.99 (40% off, valid until March 28, 2022). It is also available as an iPad AUv3 plugin and standalone instrument for an intro price $14.99 (25% off, valid until March 28, 2022).

More information here: Klevgrand

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