SYNTHMAS Giveaway #11: enter to win 1 of 2 Korg NTS-1 + 3 Sinevibes Korg Plugins (DONE) Winner mails out

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Enter the Synth Anatomy SYNTHMAS giveaway #11 to win 1 of 2 Korg NTS-1 synthesizers + 3 Sinevibes Korg plugins free of choice (EU only)

We are making big steps towards Christmas holidays. Today is December 11th and thus the 11th door of the Synth Anatomy SYNTHMAS advents calendar opens.

The last few days have been very plugin-heavy. For today, I decide to put the focus on something different and to celebrate the start of the weekend with a hardware giveaway. This time, however, the giveaway is limited to EU (incl. Switzerland) participants  because it would be not possible organisationally and financially. Thanks for understanding.

Synthmas Giveaway #11

SYNTHMAS Giveaway #11: Korg + Sinevibes

One of my favorite developments in the Synthesizer world in recent years is the digital multi-engine from Korg aka logue SDK. It can be found in the Korg NTS-1, minilogue xd and prologue (8,16). To celebrate this tech, I partnered up with the German distribution Korg & More to give away two NTS-1 synthesizers. It’s a pocket all-digital Synthesizer that is powered by a powerful digital oscillator, a multimode filter, an envelope, three LFOs, and a multi-effect processor with three stereo effects slots.

The big highlight is the logue SDK multi-engine, which allows you to upload other algorithms to the NTS-1. More precisely, you can completely swap the oscillator and the three effects processor by algorithms from third-party manufacturers. And here we can welcome the second partner for this competition. Sinevibes has released fascinating and awesome sounding Korg plugins that are fully compatible with the little but mighty NTS-1.

On top of the NTS-1, both winners can choose an oscillator and two effect plugins from Sinevibes’ growing portfolio of innovative algorithms for the logue series. Odds, the latest release from the developers, for example, transforms the small Korg digital synth into a constantly, evolving tone & pattern generator with multiple synthesis types.

AudioPilz published a video yesterday evening. This is called just in time and it’s not bad gear but good gear, hehe.

How Can I Participate 

Every day I open a door after 12AM (CET) for 24 hours, which means you only have 24 hours to participate in the giveaway. Extended for three additional hours due to a website error in the morning. Participating is super easy. Simply visit the article on the current door and comment under the article. This time, the participants must be from EU, I cannot ship the hardware unit outside of Europe.

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And don’t panic, comments have to be activated by me because of a spam pre filter. Please do not send your answer twice or more. And comments on Facebook, Twitter… don’t count!

After the 24 hours, I will draw the participants by a wild random generator. If you don’t like to end up in Google SEO with your name, I also allow you to only use your first name here. The most important thing anyway is a working e-mail with which I can contact the winner or the winners

The SYNTHMAS Giveaway #11 is available until 11th December 2021 11:59PM (CET) and please only participate from EU (incl. Switzerland). 

More information here: Korg  Sinevibes 



  1. „DIY DIY DIY“ (Trettmann)
    Was es alles gibt. Bin noch dabei, das stressige Video zu verarbeiten.😅

  2. This is getting crazier and crazier. That’s actually an awesome synth. That digital oscillator is used on minilogue xd, which I always wanted to buy. This is amazing. Good luck to everyone! Would really love to win this!

    • Une preuve de plus que cette page est la meilleure pour nous informer de l’actualité en matière de synthétiseurs et machines en tous genres. Et en plus, on peut gagner un cadeau ! Longue vie à Synthanatomy !!!

    • congratulations, you won an NTS-1 plus Sinevibes Korg plugins. Please check your mails 🙂

  3. This would fit into my limited desk space very perfect.
    Cheers from Hamburg, Germany

    • congratulations, you won an NTS-1 plus Sinevibes Korg plugins. Please check your mails 🙂

  4. Der NTS1 ist zwar klein und nicht immer super zu bedienen, klingen kann er aber sehr gross. Erst recht mit den richtigen Plugin, das ich ja jetzt gewinne 🙂

  5. NTS 1! can someone postpone the christmas day this year to extend this fabulous synthmas calendar, please ?

  6. Wow, what a chance! It would be the perfect Christmas gift. Finger crossed and Merry Christmas anyway

  7. Well done Synthanatomy, I love these Korg, the most disruptive technology on synths in years.

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