MESSE 2018: Cordial Released CPI PZ – New Eurorack Patch Cables

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It’s not a big news but Cordial, the best known german cable developer has presented at the Musikmesse 2018 it’s new Eurorack patch cable lineup. The length range from 0.15 to 1.20. I had the chance to check out the cables already some months ago and I can say that these cables are high-quality. The have a solid feeling and can be repaired (soldered) if they break one day.

CORDIAL CPI ZZ patch cables for modular Synthesizers

Nowadays, modular synthesizers are totally in vogue. Sound freaks cherish these creative machines and continuously try out novel signal paths. Consequently, they demand high-end patch cables. To meet their quality expectations and keep track of highly complex structures, CORDIAL has now developed the new and innovative CPI ZZ patch cables featuring length-based colour codings by means of coloured sleeves.
These cables feature hand-soldered 3.5 mm REAN all-metal connectors.

In contrast to the current customary cables with welded on plastic connectors our new patch cable prevents any interferences perfectly. Our shielded bulk cable CSP 1 consists of ultra-pure copper (OFC) and complies with RoHS II environmental standards. The CPI ZZ patch cable provides CV- and audio transmissions of the highest quality standard.

Cordial CPI PZ Adapter Cables For Modular Synthesizers

Advocates of modular synthesizers very often do not use only one tone generator system because today a large variety of attractive models are available. Therefore, you need cables with varying connector sizes. Accordingly, CORDIAL has extended its adapter cable range by a mono version, the CPI PZ, equipped with hand soldered REAN 3.5mm and 6.3mm full metal connectors. In contrast to the current customary cables featuring welded on plastic connectors, these connectors prevent interferences to the full extent. The unusually massive bulk cable CIK 122 also features an additional inner shield made of conductive plastic to minimize noise caused by electrostatic phenomena. Available lengths: 1 / 2 / 3 metres

First Look At The New Cordial Eurorack Patch Cables 

The new Cordial CPI PZ Eurorack cables are now available from any retailer, starting at 6.70€.

Available here: Cordial CPI PZ 

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