Deal: TC Electronic TC8210-DT reverb plugin with hardware controller for $29

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Black Friday Deal: for a limited time, you can get the TC Electronic TC8210-DT algorithmic reverb with the hardware controller for $29 USD. 

Effects bring life to your sounds. They either serve as sound shapers or as enhancers. One advantage of hardware effects is that you have direct control over parameters. With knobs, buttons… This is different with VST plugins where you have to work with a mouse. A totally different user experience or map them to a MIDI controller. Which makes it better but not perfect.

The effects specialist TC Electronic came up with the interesting idea of pairing plugins with dedicated hardware controllers. And to offer all this at a very reasonable price. One of these hybrid plugins is now on a massive sale at Sweetwater for just $29.

Deal TC Electronic TC 8210

TC Electronic TC8210-DT

The TC8210 plugin is an algorithmic reverb made for lush timbres. It has controls for decay, color, diffuse, and modulation. These are available simultaneously on the plugin and MIDI controller. It also features accurate input and output meters for monitoring audio directly on the hardware.

According to TC, the reverb can preserve the natural characteristics of the source sound while contributing big halls, rooms, and other simulated rooms.

Important to remember: the hardware is just a MIDI controller, and everything related to DSP (audio processing) is done on the computer in the plugin.

The controller has two screens. and various buttons. The first is dedicated to the sound character and gives you the option to set the reverb type (TC Hall, Box, Ambient…) and to shape it (lo col, color, mod…). The second screen handles the main parameters like pre-delay, dry/wet, decay, early reflection…

TC-8210 plugin comes with a load of presets custom-built by professional producers and audio engineers. The hardware connects and powers over USB.

TC Electronic TC8210-DT Deal is available now for $29 USD for a limited time. In Europe, Thomann also has the plugin + hardware on sale for €59. It runs as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

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